7 Portable Gun Safes For Cars To Secure Your Firearm While You Drive

You might be asking why you need a gun safe on your car if you can simply tuck the firearm in a concealed part of your vehicle. Although you can get away using this trick, having a gun in the open imposes danger to you and the passengers. Someone may pull it out, or worse, a child may play with it. All hell will break loose when someone got hurt due to unintentional firing. This is the reason why you need a portable gun safe for cars. You simply can’t take chances.

Remember that there are gun-free zones like schools and other public areas. You’re not supposed to walk openly with your firearm just because you’re afraid it’s going to be stolen on your car. Aside from looking like a sociopath, it will land you in jail.

Stashing the gun beneath the car seat or the glove compartment isn’t the wisest way of securing the firearm. Anyone can have access to it which increases the risk of injuries and even death.

So why do you actually need a gun safe inside the car?

You don’t want it to land on the wrong hands

Theft is the number one concern about leaving a firearm inside a car. Someone can break in inside your vehicle and find more than what he bargained for. Your gun can be used to harm other people which will put you in tangles with the law regardless if you have a permit and license. The worst case scenario is it can be used against you. It’s something that could have been prevented if you have a portable gun safe for cars.

It’s for your own safety

Leaving your gun touching a metal part of your car under intense sunlight spells trouble. Although guns are unlikely to fire inside a hot car, it stands the chance of being cooked if left for an extended period of time. Another thing is that some guns, especially long ones, don’t have the drop-safety features. If the firearm is left loose under the car seat, it can rattle continuously and go off, possibly harming someone.

You’re traveling to another state

State and federal laws highly prohibit the storage of guns under the car seat, trunk, and the glove compartment without any case or protection. These areas can easily be accessed by the owner, a threat during police confrontations.  If cops found that you’re carrying firearms in an unsafe manner, you’ll be in a big trouble. All these could have been prevented if you secure it inside a gun safe.

You have kids

Kids and teenagers’ curiosity can become lethal in the presence of an unsecured firearm. Your kids can play with it and mistake it for a toy gun. They can point it to anyone and God forbid that it’s loaded or cocked. You’ll be the one liable when a juvenile open fired no matter if no ones’ hurt.

Top 7 Best Gun Safes For Cars

1. GunVault MV500 Pistol Gun Safe

Having dimensions of 11 x 8.5 x 2.25 inches, the GunVault MV500 Pistol Gun Safe is the perfect portable gun safe for cars. It’s very lightweight at 4 pounds despite its heavyweight construction of 20-gauge steel. This safe offers portable protection for your firearm and you can easily access it through the use of your registered biometrics. In case you’re having problems with the finger scans, you can use the two backup keys to access the gun. Just make sure that you secure the keys away from your kids and the eyes of thieves.

GunVault portable gun safe for cars

This GunVault safe has a strong locking mechanism that won’t easily give off in the event of tampering. It even comes with a security cable so you can secure the safe on your car.

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Take note that this GunVault safe comes with a unique serial number that the seller will record to theft databases so it can track any lost item. This is added security on your part in case theft is rampant in your area.

If your GunVault safe got damaged or lost due to fire or burglary, you’re covered with the brand’s replacement promise. This is value for money you got here.

2. Bulldog Cases Car Gun Safe

If your problem with most car gun safes is the difficulty of mounting it, you should consider getting the Bulldog Cases Car Gun Safe. This heavy-duty steel portable gun safe for cars is encased inside a mounting bracket complete with hardware. This is so you can attach it to your car console or underseat easily. If the bracket doesn’t suit your car, you can use the security cable instead to keep it in place.

The locking system of the Bulldog Cases is a simple one and can be accessed using a dedicated key. And like the first gun safe, make sure to secure the key well or someone else can access your firearm.

Bulldog portable gun safe for cars

The interior of this gun safe is made of a scratch-resistant material that’s soft enough to hold your gun and to reduce the rattle. You can fit a handgun with a sock as well as a magazine inside.

When it comes to the exterior, the Bulldog Cases is quite straightforward. It has a black matte finish and a single key port. This is a very simple option, unlike the biometric or code locking types we’ve seen in the past. It’s best used as protection against curious kids but not as strong for theft and fire.

3. VAULTEK VT20i Smart Handgun Safe

If you want something more advanced, you can get the VAULTEK VT20i Smart Handgun Safe. This is larger than the Bulldog Cases and best secured under the seat. This portable gun safe for cars is famous for having an anti-prybar and anti-impact latches for a higher security. The case is made of 16-gauge steel that’s intentionally rugged for more strength. This is sealed with a powder-coat finish for added aesthetic.

Vaultek portable gun safe for cars

The VAULTEK safe can fit about two handguns and a magazine depending on the size. There’s a foam cushion inside to keep the firearms from rattling.

The unique thing about the VAULTEK safe is it uses a biometric finger scanner so you can access your firearm fast when needed. You also have the choice of using the numbered keys to open the safe using your programmed pin. The keypad is lit with red lights so you can see it even during night time.

Another awesome feature of the VAULTEK gun safe is the VAULTEK mobile app. By downloading this, you can register your safe and monitor the usage history even while you’re away. You’ll also be alerted about tampering attempts. This is an interactive tool and you even enjoy the chance of naming your safe through the smartphone app.

4. First Alert 5200DF Pistol Safe

A high-tech and portable gun safe for cars, the First Alert 5200DF Pistol Safe is an excellent option for you. It’s made of 18-gauge steel that’s tough enough to withstand impact and theft attempts. This safe also sports a spring-loaded locking door that seals tough but easy to access when you entered the right key. You can set up three to eight entry codes for this. And if everything fails, you can use the two override keys to open the safe during emergencies.

First Alert portable gun safe for cars

For a safe as light as four pounds, this suits almost every car under seat. There are already pre-drilled holes on this safe so you can mount it on the floor of your vehicle. You can use the 1500-pound tested steel mounting cable to secure this safe.

With a smooth powder finish, this is a wise buy even at first glance. This can fit even a bulky 1911 handgun without damaging the fit or squeezing the firearm too much.

Just remember that the biometrics feature is powered by a battery. Make sure to check it from time to time since the lifespan of the power source tends to be a bit short. But other than that, this is a very functional safe that will suit the security level required for your firearm.

5. SentrySafe Compact Gun Safe

If you’re not a fan of pistols and long firearms, you’ll likely resort to a derringer for a self-defense tool. Although a smaller handgun, a derringer also needs to be carried with care. The SentrySafe Compact Gun Safe is the best bet for a portable gun safe for cars. It has a height of 8.7 inches enough for a derringer and other tiny valuables like a flash drive, keys, and credit cards.

Sentry portable gun safe for cars

This SentrySafe vault is a simple choice for those who don’t want the hassle of biometrics. It uses a three-digit unlocking code as well as a security cable so you can affix it on your car console or under the seat. Make sure to reset the code from time to time so the marks won’t show on the digits.

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Even if it’s a smaller choice than the other safes I listed here, this SentrySafe has a soft lining inside to keep the guns on its place. Just remember that this isn’t the best option if you want a fireproof safe or something that won’t easily be cracked open by experienced thieves.

I guess for the price of less than $20, it’s just the right bargain of security.

6. SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe

In case you’re not impressed with the last case, I suggest that you check out the Sentry Safe Biometric Gun Safe. Unlike its simple counterpart earlier, this model uses a biometric technology so you can open the safe using your fingerprint. You can also opt for the numbered keys or the backup manual key opening if you’re having a hard time with the biometrics.

SentrySafe portable gun safe for cars

The good thing about this SentrySafe portable gun safe for cars is you can open it with one hand and store one handgun inside. It’s safe against prybar-forced opening since it has exact fittings. In case you’re in an emergency situation, you can override the keys for easier access. This safe opens quietly so you can move on stealth mode in times of distress or threat.

This SentrySafe vault is powered by alkaline batteries that will last for years before it needs replacement. Just make sure that you charge it regularly so the biometric system of the safe will work optimally.

You can mount this safe on the floor of your car using the pre-drilled holes at the bottom. Even if you don’t bolt it down, it will still work its purpose of keeping people’s hands off your weapon.

7. BARSKA Biometric Rifle Safe

If you’re transporting a long firearm on your truck, it’s more pressing that you get a gun safe. As you know, rifles and the like don’t have a drop-safety feature. It can fire if it juggled hard on your compartment. To keep you safe, consider getting the BARSKA Biometric Rifle Safe. This is way bigger than other gun safes since it can carry numerous rifles plus a small compartment on top for accessories and other valuables.

The BARSKA portable gun safe for cars is usually used at home, but it can also be a good choice for transporting your long firearms. It has a biometric scan that’s tamper-resistant and easy to access in times of emergency. You can also access the guns using the hidden keyhole if ever the batteries run out of power. This is a DOJ-approved safe that will keep thieves and kids away from your firearms.

Barska portable gun safe for cars

One of the best things about the BARSKA rifle safe is it can be programmed with up to 120 fingerprints. You can have all your fingers entered as well as your trusted family members. This is an excellent gun safe for firearm enthusiasts. A bit expensive but worth every penny.

Having a portable gun safe for cars is important if you’re constantly carrying a firearm. You can’t afford to have kids playing with it or thieves taking a hold of your weapon. It’s a matter of security and investing a few hundred bucks shouldn’t be something you’ll think twice about.

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