Choosing The Best Gun Safe For Long Firearms – Great Options Here!

If you’re a gun enthusiast or a hunter, you have multiple guns for sure. This may include a couple of long firearms that can be quite difficult to store. Unless you’re willing to reassemble everything all the time, a rifle would fit on a small safe. Letting it freely sitting at your car’s trunk or beneath the bed is a very dangerous setup. Anyone can take hold of your long firearm and wreak havoc on whoever comes its way. So you ask, what is the best gun safe for long firearms?

Unlike handguns, long firearms require a higher level of security.  Not all long firearms will have a locking system, a thing that increases the risk of having an unstored gun. The likes of rifles also have the tendency to fire when it suddenly falls or experiences a strong rattle. Not to mention the legal requirements of transporting a firearm, that alone is enough reason for you to purchase a gun vault.

So what do you have to look for a gun safe for long firearms?

The size

Long firearms require a bigger safe. The rule of thumb for most gun owners is to think double when it comes to purchasing their safes. One thing that you have to know is that some gun safes would measure their capacity in extremes. This means that an 18-gun safe would only accommodate 18 guns of the firearms are stacked haphazardly or in a tightly packed condition. Although this isn’t always the case, leaving some room for future gun collections will save you from another gun safe purchase.

Measure the height of your longest firearm and add six inches to it. That’s the minimum height of the gun safe you should purchase for easy access and enough breathing room.

what is the best gun safe for long firearms

Locking mechanism

Rifles and shotguns are more powerful firearms than handguns. What is the best gun safe for long firearms? It’s important that you get a safe with the locking system at par with DOJ requirements for firearm safety or something that passed the UL level. Gun safes nowadays would come in two major locking mechanism types: the electronic and the manual locks.

The manual one will take a longer time to open with a key or combination code. Although this is the case, a manual locking mechanism offers a higher level of security against burglars and unauthorized access. Anyway, electronic locking systems are also excellent as long as you get a reliable one. It would be handy in case of invasions and emergency situations.

Mounting feature

Most of the time, gun safes for long weapons would be bigger and heavier than the handgun counterparts. This doesn’t mean there’s no need to bolt it down. Make sure that whatever you purchase, it comes with pre-drilled holes for bolting down. Some models have the complete hardware for securing the safe on the wall or floor.


If there’s one indispensable part of a long firearm safe, it would be the racks. By racks, it’s not just the basic containers and partitions. You should get one with slots for rifles and shotguns. These racks should hold the guns safely and without slipping. If you have a bigger gun safe, I suggest that you purchase a rotating rack where you can adjust the height of the racks according to your guns.

What is the best gun safe for long firearms? It’s excellent if you purchase a gun safe with extra pockets or slots for other valuables or gun accessories.


Long firearm safes would be way costly than the ones for handguns. Of course, you would want to secure your money and get the value that you paid for. Warranty terms for gun safes vary per manufacturer, but the longer, the better for you. Check what the warranty has to cover. It may or may not include lock servicing, door, finish, and other parts.

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Best Gun Safe For Long Firearm

1. Stack-On 8-Gun Cabinet

If you have a growing collection of long firearms, you can have an excellent safe with the Stack-On-Gun Cabinet. It uses a 3-point locking system for better security as well as a key-coded lock. There is also the patented barrel rests of the Stack-On brand.

what is the best gun safe for long firearms

Take note that this safe will come unassembled. This means that you’re not getting a solid steel safe, only one that’s enough to keep unauthorized access off your weapons. The Stack-On gun safe won’t be reliable in the event of a fire since the material isn’t as sealed as a solidly welded type. Anyway, assembly instructions aren’t that hard to follow. What is the best gun safe for long firearms? The Stack-On can still be the one.

Overall, the Stack-On safe has a capacity of 5.71 cubic feet or 8 guns the most. Unlike other long firearm safes, this is fairly light at 55 pounds. It can hold a firearm with a maximum length of 52 inches which, I think, is already the best bargain if you’re a bit cash-strapped.

Aside from the gun storage, there’s also a removable steel plate that you can use as a top rack for other stuff.

2. BARSKA Quick-Access Rifle Safe

In case you’re not much of a gun collector, the BARSKA Quick-Access Rifle Safe is the best bet. It can store up to four rifles on its 52” interior height. And to ensure that your firearms are secure, this safe bears three steal deadbolts and protective edges. You can open the safe using its biometric system where you can register up to 120 fingerprints. For as fast as 2.5 seconds, you can already access your firearms without the need to look for keys or remember a password. If ever the battery runs off, you can use the hidden keyhole to open the safe.

What is the best gun safe for long firearms? The good thing about this BARSKA safe is it already comes with a sculpted rack for the firearms. You no longer have to customize it just to line up your rifles without falling off.

This safe isn’t fireproof but it’s been DOJ-approved for the security of firearms. Unlike the Stack-On safe, the BARSKA safe is tough and it comes in a solid steel construction. It even passed different tests like dropping, sawing, prying, and picking to prove its quality.

3. Homegear Electronic Gun Safe

For added security and guns, the Homegear Electronic Safe would be an excellent choice. It can house five long guns inside its 49-inch internal height. Aside from the gun space, there’s also a separate lock box inside where you can stash other valuables like money and jewelry. This safe is made of 4 mm of door steel and 2 mm walls.

what is the best gun safe for long firearms

The Homegear safe comes with both a biometric and manual key entry. The best part here is the biometric system will have a 5-minute timeout once you enter wrong passwords in three consecutive times. What is the best gun safe for long firearms? This might be the one.

Take note that the Homegear safe would only be best for storing weapons away from kids and burglars. It’s not an option if you’re looking for a safe that can withstand fire cladding. Also, the size of the guns you’ll store might affect the storage capacity of the safe. With very bulky shotguns, you might only fit two here.

I suggest that you place a weather stripping inside the door before using this safe. This will prevent the door from banging when you’re pressing the number pad.

4. Steelwater 16-Gun Safe

If you have the money to shell out, I recommend that you invest in a Steelwater 16-Gun Safe. It’s excellent if you plan to purchase more firearms in the future and if you want a fire-protected safe. With this, you’ll have 10 solid-steel locking bolts, 60 minutes of endurance against fire cladding (up to 1875 degrees), and a free door organizer. The material of the Steelwater safe is 4 ¾ inches at the door and the entire safe bears a 14-gauge steel.

What is the best gun safe for long firearms? When it comes to the locking mechanism, the Steelwater safe uses an EMP-proof electronic system. You can set your code or use the double-bitted key in case the battery runs low.

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Overall, Steelwater claims that this safe has a capacity of up to 10 long guns and several handguns. One important note here is it comes with a minimal any rack design – just mild grooves on its fabric matting inside. This isn’t much of a deal-breaker as long as you bolt down the safe.

Even if it’s pricier, I’m confident to say that this is a wise buy.

5. Liberty Fatboy 48-Gun Safe

For the gun masters out there, managing dozens of long firearms and can be a pain in the ass without a reliable safe. Piling the rifles and shotguns on your room or garage isn’t wise. It’s best that you invest in the Liberty Fatboy 48-Gun Safe. This is a massive safe that has tripled case hardened steel to reinforce its 11-gauge consistency. Overall, this has 12 locking bolt on the four sides of the door. It’s a tough boy, I must say.

what is the best gun safe for long firearms

The Liberty Fatboy has a fire cladding endurance of up to 60 minutes at 1200 degrees. It also comes with a fire seal that expands up to seven times its original size when heated with at least 212F. This is UL listed and utilizes a group II lock for the best protection. So what is the best gun safe for long firearms? This might be the one!

The Fatboy series is one of the most popular gun safe lines in the U.S. Gun owners trust its quality. And despite its heavy weight of 760 pounds, this works well in storing all your guns in just one place. The weight is an advantage too since the burglars would have to move a mountain before lifting it out of your home.

6. Winchester Bandit 9 2017 Model

The Liberty Fatboy is quite intimidating for some gun owners, so if you’re just starting out with about 8-10 guns, the Winchester Bandit is for you. This is made of 14-gauge steel with robotic welds or a solid steel finish. The Winchester Bandit has a fire cladding endurance of up to 45 minutes under the maximum heat of 1400F. It’s paired with a pal sol heat seal that will expand up to six times its original size when subjected to heat.

Overall, this can hold 10 guns where six are long and the rest are handguns. If you’re not yet ready to purchase a big safe, then this Winchester Bandit safe is the best bargain for its price.

what is the best gun safe for long firearms

The good thing about this safe is it already comes with a door organizer where you can slip some handguns and other accessories. There’s also a tiny rack at the top where you can stash other belongings.  It’s the answer to what is the best gun safe for long firearms.

This safe is moderately light at 236 pounds for its built. If you want to get as much as steel as you can, you can consider this Winchester safe as your option.

7. Amsec BF7240 2-Minute Fire and Burglary Safe – 2018 Model

If your number one purchasing factor is the fireproofing endurance of safe, the Amsec BF7240 2018 Model is unbeatable. It can withstand the fire of up to 1200F in two hours. In fact, it comes with a lifetime warranty for fire and theft. When it comes to the storage, it can hold up to 38 guns both short and long.

The walls of this Amsec safe are two inches thick and 7 gauges. This is a very tough combination, reason behind the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. This Amsec safe uses an electronic lock that contributes to its overall construction that’s UL-classified. With 12 massive locking bolts, you can never go wrong with top security with this safe. This makes the safe spy-proof.

The door of the Amsec safe comes with fire seal that will expand once heat starts to build upon the steel material.

Wondering what is the best gun safe for long firearms? We hope that this list helped you find the gun vault of your choice.

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