8 Best Gun Safes For Bedroom [ Tried and Tested Options ]

Tragic gun accidents happen at home. Parents leaving their guns in the closet or under the bed, pose a direct threat to the safety of their kids. The child can take hold of it, and in the spark of curiosity, someone’s life would be in peril. So you’re probably asking yourself: what is the best gun safe for bedroom ? The answer depends on what type of gun you have. If you have a pistol, a smaller nightstand safe will do. But for longer firearms, a larger vault should be in place.

I’ve seen dozens of gun safes in the market but I’m not always impressed. Some boast their very thin walls that although works on keeping the firearm away from kids, does nothing against burglars and fire. Of course, you can choose a safe that for a specific purpose, but it always pays to have the best of both worlds.

Here, I made a roundup of the best possible models you can find in the market. Check which works for you best.

1. GunVault GV1000C-STD Mini Safe

Starting with the safes for handguns and pistols, the GunVault GV1000C-STD Mini Safe is a good option. It’s made of 16-gauge steel housing for utmost protection against forces and fire. To top it all is a spring loaded tamper-proof door for the best security. The fittings of every part of the GunVault are precise so no one can pry it open using power tools and any sharp object.

what is the best GunVault gun safe for bedroom

The unique feature of this gun safe is its patented No-Eyes keypad that’s programmable with up to 12 million user access codes. But once someone entered an invalid password many times, the built-in computer will lock the safe. The tamper alert system will also let you know if someone tried to access the safe with wrong keys. So what is the best gun safe for bedroom? GunVault might be it.

You’re free to mute the sound and turn off the light of the safe so it stays low key inside the bedroom. It comes with foam lining so your pistols and handguns won’t rattle inside. Approximately, it can house two to three guns based on the size.

You can use this both on your bedroom and under the car seat. And for added peace of mind, you’re covered by the five-year warranty for burglary and fire. This is an affordable option without the expense of safety at home.

2. VAULTEK VT20i Handgun Safe

If you’re both worried about theft and the curious nature of your child, it will help to have the VAULTEK VT20i Handgun Safe. It sports a construction that the manufacturer claims to be anti-prybar and anti-impact. There are also security brackets inside the safe to prevent anyone from breaking in and stealing your gun. With a rugged material of 16-gauge steel, this safe is long-lasting and can withstand the threat of corrosion.

You can open the safe by using your passkey or quickly by scanning your registered fingerprint. Another awesome feature you’re going to get is the interactive VAULTEK app. Through your smartphone, you can check tampering attempts, safe usage, and even open the safe in a specific range. You can even name your safe using the app. It’s definitely the answer to what is the best gun safe for bedroom!

what is the best Vaultek gun safe for bedroom

This package comes complete with mounting holes and hardware, security cable, charging kit, battery, and a manual key. Make sure to keep the manual keys away. Just leave it inside the safe once you set up the passkey and save the fingerprints.

As much as this safe will keep your family and kids safe, this won’t be the best option in the event of fire and flooding. Anyway, it can house two handguns and a magazine. For approximately $260, you’re going to have a gun safe with three years of warranty.

3. Fort Knox Handgun Safe with Sock

For a choice of another small gun safe, the Fort Knox Handgun Safe with Sock is an excellent pick. It’s a sturdy 10-gauge steel case 3/16” round-around door that’s tamper-proof. It also sports a gas-strut-resistant door that’s heavyweight and long-lasting. The Fort Knox safe uses a simple mechanical locking system so I suggest that you place this somewhere that can’t easily be seen. But with the right combination of the passkey, you have nothing to worry.

what is the best Fort Knox gun safe for bedroom

What is the best gun safe for bedroom? Inside the Fort Knox safe is foam lining that looks like an egg crate. It holds the pistols from rattling but with enough breathing space. If your gun is smaller, you can fit two inside but it’s usually a single-pistol safe.

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There are already pre-drilled holes on this vault so you can screw it on the floor or the wall of your bedroom. This Fort Knox safe is outstanding since it even surpassed the requirements of the California Department of Justice firearm safety.

The best part here is Fort Knox comes with a lifetime warranty to give you the best bang for the buck. It could be small but the dedication to quality of the manufacturer is something you can’t miss. For almost the same price as the VAULTEK, you can’t ask for more.

4. Steelwater Gun Safe for Long Firearm

If you’re a gun enthusiast and someone who owns a series of rifles, pistols, and handguns, your need for a gun safe is much more evident than casual handgun owners. If you have space in your bedroom, I suggest that you purchase the Steelwater Gun Safe for Long Firearm. It has dimensions of 59 x 39 x 24 and it can house a gun with a maximum length of 39 inches. This Steelwater safe is heavy at 925 pounds but it equates the security and functionality.

First, it has two-hour fire protection of up to 1875F fire cladding. And with the lavish space inside, you can also secure other valuables on the racks and door organizers that come with it.

what is the best Steelwater gun safe for bedroom

What is the best gun safe for bedroom? Overall, the Steelwater safe is made of 9-gauge steel, four layers of fireboard, and solid steel locking bolts for topnotch protection. The hard plate used here is eight times larger and sturdier than the usual gun safes you’ll find.

You have three options on how to open the safe. You can use the UL Listed Group 2 combination lock or use the key lock in dial together with the primary lock. But if you want to make things simple, you can stick to the LaGard digital keypad for your registered key.

There’s so much more on this Steelwater safe which makes it the top option if you have a growing gun collection.

5. BARSKA Biometric Rifle Safe

Do you have a single rifle to secure? If so, you can never go wrong with the BARSKA Biometric Rifle Safe. This can fit inside your closet and guaranteed to be tamper-proof so you can store your shotguns and rifles with peace of mind. The unlocking mechanism of the BARSKA safe uses a speedy biometric system that can open for as fast as 2.5 seconds in case of emergencies. What is the best gun safe for bedroom? BARSKA has the potential.

what is the best Barska gun safe for bedroom

This BARSKA safe has three deadbolts in its construction that gives three locking systems. Since this is battery powered, there’s a low-battery warning sound. Anyway, you can turn it off if you want the safe to be low key. If ever you have problems with the biometric system, you can unlock the safe using the hidden keyhole.

If you’re not convinced, the BARSKA rifle safe has undergone saw, prybar, pick, and drop tests. It didn’t budge or even experienced any denting. This can house four rifles depending on the dimensions of the firearm which is totally excellent. And in case of a home invasion, the fingerprint unlocking system won’t fail you.

You can mount this rifle safe on your closet or at the wall but you have to purchase the hardware separately. It’s pretty solid and totally for the money.

6. Winchester BD-5942-36-10M Big Daddy Series

Do you have a whole armory at your house? If you’re a massive gun enthusiast and owner, you should invest in a safe like the Winchester BD-5942-36-10M Big Daddy Series. What is the best gun safe for bedroom? When I say massive, it’s totally enormous because this safe can house a dozen long firearms and at least eight handguns. There are also enough spaces for accessories and other valuables like jewelry and documents.

what is the best Winchester gun safe for bedroom

This Winchester safe has a fire cladding protection of 75 minutes for a temperature of as much as 1400F. It also has a built-in door seal that will expand when heated to protect your firearms against smoke and gasses. The seal can reach up to six times its original size.

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What’s good about the unlocking feature of this safe is it doesn’t have any key override feature. If the safe was put under attack or tamper attempts, the auxiliary re-locker will engage to secure your guns. Paired with its 12-gauge steel material, this is heavyweight in space and security level.

You don’t need to set up anything for this safe, but take note that it will be really heavy. You might need to ask the help of a local mover.

7. Blue Dot Safe’s Fire-Resistant Gun Safe

If you want a large safe almost the same with the Winchester type, you can check out the Blue Dot Safe’s Fire-Resistant Gun Safe and save a couple hundred dollars. It can house 30 rifles, at least eight handguns, and more if you’re going to utilize the ammo pouches on the door. There are shelves inside that you can utilize to store gun accessories and more valuables. So what is the best gun safe for bedroom? It’s up to you!

what is the best Blue Dot gun safe for bedroom

The Blue Dot Safe’s gun cabinet is made of 12-gauge steel that can withstand the heat of up to 1700F in case your home is caught on fire. In terms of security, this gun safe utilizes dual locking system with the use of nine live bolts and five fixed ones. The plates used for this safe is drill-proof so there’s no way burglars can crack it open and steal your firearms.

For a total weight of 650 pounds, this is pretty lighter than the other large gun safes I listed here. However, this will mean you’re getting less steel, the right bargain for the reduced price.

There’s no setup needed for this gun safe aside from bolting in on the floor using the two pre-drilled holes. It’s value for money here plus a full one-year factory warranty. Just in case you’re wondering what is the best gun safe for bedroom.

8. Amsec BF6032 Gun Safe

The Amsec BF6032 Gun Safe is somewhat similar to the appearance of the last two gun safes I listed earlier. It’s heavier, though, weighing a staggering 882 pounds. This means you have more steel, thickness, and security. The 1/2-inch steel plate door is paired with an inch of dry light insulation for a fireproofing effect. Another excellent part here is the 2-inch walls with the same layer of dry light insulation that makes it hard to dent or burn.

what is the best Amsec gun safe for bedroom

The Amsec BF6032 safe has a fire cladding tolerance of 1275F of up to 90 minutes externally and 350F internally. And to ensure that no one can tamper it, this safe uses 10 chrome plated bolts and a bolt detent system.  To top it is a UL Listed Group II lock and a re-locking system that acts as a second layer of defense against tampering attempts. There are also four anchored holes so you can bolt the safe down to the floor.

Unlike the last two safes, this Amsec model has an additional rack on its door aside from the handgun pouches hanging on top. More space, so you can secure more valuables inside.

The bonus part here is you can choose the color you like upon the placement of order.

So what is the best gun safe for bedroom? These options will help you choose. Let us know your pick below!

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