Truck Gun Safe: Best Way to Travel Protected and Secured

A gun owner is obliged to store that kind of weapon in a proper and appropriate manner especially when they are travelling into a vehicle. There are certain state policies regarding this firearm storage while travelling. Some have policies to store this weapon in the trunk. While others allow even just a simple case provided that it is locked. It is a legal way to secure this weapon especially when you’re on a road trip. To better do this, investing for a truck gun safe is necessary.

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Reason for having a truck gun safe

There are several reasons why you need to have a truck gun safe. These reasons may include the following:

Judicial responsibility

Having a gun while travelling links to certain legal policies and requirements per state or city. There are some states that require storing any weapon inside the trunk. Moreover, other states laws demand for stringent requirements. However, there are still some states that do not have limitations on carrying a firearm while driving. It’s just that there are some things to consider.

Basically, a gun owner is not permitted to enter specific buildings like educational institutions, place of worships, and government facilities while carrying a gun. Moreover, one of the best way to avoid any legal issues about the protected transport of guns is to make a stake into a truck gun safe for your truck.

Avoiding robbery

Anyone can be a thief victim in just a span of time. What more if you are carrying a firearm? This is more prone to theft. Moreover, for a gun owner, placing guns in an unsafe compartment of the vehicle is the most convenient way especially when hurrying.

In some rush cases, there are some that doesn’t avoid to show their guns and just leave it somewhere to attract robbers. To be able to prevent this kind of scenario, it is better to store firearms in a gun truck safe area in your vehicle. Even if it is just for a short span of time, better to ensure that your weapon is in a safe compartment.

Safeguarding the security of children and the public

In all life stages, childhood is the most curious stage of an individual. It is very dangerous and risky to travel with kids and improperly stored gun. Children may have the tendency to pull out a gun from its holster. This scenario may result to a total disaster.

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Even if you instruct children about this concern, differentiating the actual weapon from a toy blaster is not a norm for them. Disasters like this may be prevented by storing your gun inside a locked compartment while travelling with those kiddos. This will also gives much protection to your children and the public from any possible danger.


Knowing the importance of having a truck gun safe in your vehicle is one of the important consideration prior to investing on it. And now that you learn how vital it is, having one is the next big thing to do. Moreover, in order to find the best truck gun safe that is appropriate for you, your gun, and your vehicle, here are some of the things that you should look for.

Things to look for a truck gun safe

1. Size

Size is primarily the most vital thing that you might consider prior to purchasing a truck gun safe. You should always remember that the best factor that has a great effect on the size of the truck gun safe is basically the size of your gun. Moreover, a gun safe that is too big is less accessible compare to a smaller gun safe. Further, a small gun safe can be put in an area that is very convenient.

2. Structure and durability

The material of the best truck gun safe is primarily a thick steel. It measures probably around 16 GA or more. Also look after a gun safe that has a feature of giving lots of difficulties for robbers in opening it.

3. System of locking

Since the technology is very much updated nowadays, locking system also becomes more complicated resulting to a difficult process of breaking or unlocking. But, before going for more complicated locking system, you should need to consider two important things.
1. Is security reason your purpose of carrying a gun?
2. Do you just simply want to have a gun stored safely in your vehicle during a long trip?

For security purposes, a gun safe that has a mechanical locking system is pretty much suitable in bringing a gun inside your truck. The mechanical locking system gives you convenience in unlocking, opening, and even removing a gun.

Furthermore, a more complicated type of the locking system is much applicable for gun safe inside your home. This is for the purpose of storing a gun in a safe compartment over a long time span.

Best Truck Gun Safe

Snap Safe Keyed Large Lock Box

This truck gun safe has a built-in pry-resistant system. Its material is a steel that is 16-gauge. Moreover, the Snap Safe Keyed Large Lock Box gun safe caters undeniable protection at a cost that worth it all. There is a security cable that is about 1500lb. The purpose of this gun safe accessory is to protect the gun safe inside your vehicle.

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Moreover, when it comes to quality, this gun safe product is TSA approved. This means that Snap Safe Keyed Large Lock Box complies to TSA guidelines for travelling with a gun. Furthermore, to avoid having scratches on your gun inside the safe, it comes with a protective foam inserts. Its inner measurement of 9.5 x 6.5 x 1.75 inches creates more space for storing guns, ammos, and any other valuable stuff like wallet or jewelries. A standard lock and key feature makes this truck gun safe protected.

• It comes with an uncomplicated and brilliant design.
• Complied and passed the TSA requirement
• Has an inclusion of security cable made of steel
• Sufficient space for storing of gun, ammo, and other stuff
• Good price value
• The steel material that is about 16-gauge is not convincing for gun owners.
• There is no available selection for mounting of the security cable.


Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe

As technological innovations arise, the features and sytem behind the Vaultek VT20i Handgun Safe also come along. A 16-gauge carbon steel material made up this gun safe that also has anti-pry rods. Moreover, it also includes anti-impact latches, hinges, and security brackets.

In addition to that, a biometric scanner is also present. This is to make a quick access to the truck gun safe. Moreover, the biometric can save around 20 different fingerprints. You can also select the numeric keypad or the master key in opening it. Also, a battery that can be recharged is also present together with a charging equipment.

Another nice feature of this Vaultek truck gun safe product is having a mobile app. This feature allows the gun owner to take a peek on the person who accessed the gun safe and the time it happened. Furthermore, the power levels of the battery and setting adjustment can be conveniently done through the app. To make you feel more secured, a bluetooth encryption is also incorporated. Generally, the overall inner measurement of 1.0 x 5.75 x 2.0 inches provides enough compartment to store guns and ammos and even other things that you want to secure while in a trip.

• Comes with high-technology feature with access through a biometric and mobile app assimilation.
• Keypad or master key locking and unlocking selections
• Complied and passed the TSA requirements
• Accessory inclusion of charger and battery that is rechargeable
• The steel material that is about 16-gauge is not convincing for gun owners.


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