When to Use Tactical Gun Safes – 3 Commercial Options Available Here!

Are you a tactical shooter? An equally badass tactical gun safe should be housing your firearms. Unlike the usual gun storage units, a tactical safe has an improved interior and a solid-looking exterior. Usually, these are large units that can fit many long and short firearms together with ammo.

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Aside from the usual shelves, the door of a tactical safe has mounts and pockets where you can easily reach for a gun whenever the need arises. This is powerhouse firearm storage with a higher fire rating and made from thicker steel.

Components of a tactical gun safe

All tactical safes come with a solid build that makes it waterproof and fireproof. This type of safe is also preferred by offices and establishments with high-security requirements.

Usually, the shelves of a tactical safe are modular and can be adjusted based on the users’ needs. This way, the weapon storage can be adjusted so more firearms can be accommodated. The console racks are typically customizable for more functionality.

Tactical safes are complete with barrel saddles, modular wall bars, and additional shelves to store other belongings. A door organizer can be used for pouches and other mounting features. Usually, a tactical safe can store just about any firearm, be it pistols, shotguns, rifles, and more.

In short, a tactical safe should have the following:

????multiple racks and barrel saddles

????door organizer or mounts

????enough interior space for lighting, optics, and lasers

????modular shelves

????solid exterior design

Benefits of a tactical gun safe

All gun safes aim to thwart unauthorized access to firearms. But with the use of tactical models, the safety features are much better.

Tactical safes are made of thicker steel plates and large bolts which make it more difficult to crack open. Also, many units will use a spring re-clocker in case someone tries to ruin the keypad dial.

This type of safe isn’t just for keeping kids away from your guns. It’s also excellent to evade burglary and to secure important documents and belongings.

Also, by keeping all your firearms and ammo in one place, you can dampen any curiosity from friends or visitors.

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Many gun safes are equipped with fire protection. Even if your safe is ablaze, it can withstand the flames for a specific time and temperature. This safe is also water-resistant in case the firefighters drench it in the process of keeping the fire off.

Why you need a tactical gun safe

If your gun collection has become serious, a tactical safe will provide a higher level of security. Some units can even withstand a shotgun blast.

Suppose you’re leaving the house for long, a tactical safe can house all your firearms while utilizing various layers of security, from thicker bolts to spring relockers.

Also, a tactical safe offers more organization due to additional shelves and barrels. And since tactical safes come in different shapes and sizes, it can fit in almost any spot in your home.

Top 3 Tactical Gun Safe Picks!

Stack-On TS-20-MB Tactical Security Safe

tactical gun safeTough from the inside and out, the Stack-On TS-20-MB safe sports a badass, textured door paired with a powerhouse interior. In addition, this has a four-way locking system with 1.5” tapered locking bolts. This safe is fire rated for 30 minutes for up to 1400F.

On the inside, the door has a built-in organizer where you can place four handguns, four long gun magazines, four pistol magazines, and more pouches and zipped storage.

Meanwhile, the safe has modular shelves with barrel rests that can be adjusted. You can store all your ammo and guns here with peace of mind.


✔️Multiple storage spaces and pouches

✔️Electronic lock with skeleton back-up keys

✔️Very easy to program

✔️Padded barrel rests and plastic scope


❌Very expensive for those on a budget

❌Heavy at 541 pounds

❌You need to use plastic support for guns with scopes

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Mesa MBF5922C Safe 14-Gun Capacity Safe

tactical gun safeLooking for a taller safe? The Mesa gun safe is tall enough at 59 inches to house firearms and other belongings. Similarly, its 10-bolt locking system is paired with a UL -listed Group 2 combination lock for topnotch security.

The best thing about this Mesa safe is it has a 2-storey impact rating. Therefore, its solid steel construction will provide your firearms the extensive level of security you need. It also has a fire rating of 60 minutes for up to 1750F.

This safe comes with four pre-drilled mounting holes for added safety. However, at 505 pounds, you definitely have to pin this to the floor to avoid accidents.


✔️Very thick construction

✔️UL-listed locking system

✔️2-storey impact rating

✔️Fire rating of 60 minutes/1750F



❌More expensive than other reviewed options

❌Heavy at 505 pounds

❌Not ideal for very low ceiling locations


Winchester Safe UL Listed Modular Defender Tactical Safe

tactical gun safeIf you have the money to splurge, don’t forget to check the Winchester Tactical safe. Also, this made from tough, 16-gauge steel walls with 46 holding components. This includes 22 quick-access pistol pins and 24 barrel rests.

Aside from the interior features, this safe also comes with a steel top shelf for storing more items out of your kid’s reach. This safe also comes with a pal sol expanding door seal which creates a barrier during fire against smoke and water.

You can now store more handguns as compared to typical door organizers. From its name Defender, you can definitely stop the threat of burglary and unauthorized access to your guns.


✔️Packed with holding components for long firearms and handguns

✔️Excellent fire rating

✔️Customizable exterior top shelf

✔️Pal sol heating seal


❌Very, very expensive

❌Extremely heavy at 898 pounds

❌Not recommended for elevated and unstable mounting spots


A tactical gun safe offers more security and storage benefits. As much as many of the units are expensive, you’re getting more steel which translates to stronger build. Meanwhile, for avid gun collectors, splurging is worth the investment. Do you anything to share? Let us know below!

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