Should I Use a Modular Gun Safe? The Pros and Cons of Using One

Large gun safes can be very heavy and a pain to transport. However, not all of us like the idea of a large delivery truck parking on our yard and bringing in a large safe that weighs hundreds of pounds. Not to mention the convenience of positioning the safe in your house, a modular gun safe might be a better choice.

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Unlike the traditional, solid-built units, a modular safe comes with unassembled parts. This way, it will only require a small box and is usually lighter than most welded types. Also, gun owners who aren’t apt to spend a whole fortune in a safe will prefer a modular unit.

Are modular safes efficient?

Since it can be disassembled, there’s a question about modular safes’ ability to secure guns and precious belongings. If you’re just keeping items away from your kids and curious visitors, a modular safe will be enough.

Overall, most modular safes have a fire rating of roughly an hour. Also, the safes have durable 10-gauge steel and 7-gauge steel that are strong enough to house high-grade firearms. And to give you peace of mind, many modular safes are equipped with UL-listed locks.


✔️Lightweight than solid safes

✔️Can be positioned anywhere in the house with less effort

✔️More affordable

✔️Excellent as keepsakes


❌Requires assembly

❌Not as solid as welded units

❌Users have to check build quality thoroughly


What to consider when buying a modular safe

Before you put your money on this type of safe, make sure that you’re getting a high-quality unit. Here are some things you need to be aware of to secure your hard-earned cash:

Check the build quality

This is the priority among the features you’ll look for on a gun safe. Although you can disassemble modular safe, try to look for a unit that can take the beating of wear and tear. Here are some of the things you need to tick off your checklist:

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????Fire and water resistance

????Minimal gaps after assembly

????UL-listed locks and durable bolts

????High-quality interior shelving

????At least 11-gauge steel if possible

????Type of locking system

Usually, a top-quality modular gun safe will have the same quality as a typical welded unit. Still, the qualifications above will be enough to secure your firearms from kids and other people.

Size and weight

Modular safes can be disassembled but it doesn’t mean these units are light. Some units can be light at around 400 pounds while some can be comically heavy at 800 pounds. Whatever your option is, make sure that you choose one that suits your needs.

If you’re planning to place the modular unit on a higher floor, carrying heavy steel plates in a flight of stairs can be problematic.


Your choice of gun safe shouldn’t break the bank. Nowadays, there are many commercial options that you can peruse with varying features and price range. However, remember that you’ll get what you pay for. If you want more features, you’ll have to pay for it.

Top 2 Modular Gun Safe Picks!

If you’re looking for the best modular safes, here are two of the best finds in the market? Check which one has the right size and features for your firearms:

SnapSafe Ruger Tall Super Titan Safe

modular gun safeIf you want a powerful safe that you can assemble within minutes, the SnapSafe Ruger model is the best bet. Moreover, this unit is pry-bar and sledgehammer-resistant for peace of mind. This is made of 9-gauge steel walls and a durable 3/16” solid steel door.

Inside, you will find one full-gun rack and one full shelf. There’s also a half-gun rack that comes with two half shelves. With this, you can store handguns, pistols, rifles, ammo, and other belongings.

When it comes to security, this modular gun safe from SnapSafe uses eight one-inch locking bolts paired with a spring-loaded relocker. Thanks to its dead-bolt door, you’ll enjoy a professional grade, non-breach seal. This is UL-approved, however, there’s no fire resistance for this model.

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The best thing about this SnapSafe model is you can transport it piece by piece. So even if you’re planning to mount it on the second floor, carrying it wouldn’t be a mammoth task.

Lastly, this gun safe comes with a pre-drilled floor mounting holes so you no longer have to deal with power tools. This safe is also ideal even at low ceilings and stairs.


✔️Quick assembly

✔️UL-approved locking system

✔️Elegant powder-coat finish

✔️Multiple shelves to house more guns and ammo


❌Not fire-resistant

❌Very expensive

❌A bit heavy at around 510 pounds


Stack-On Convertible Gun Cabinet

modular gun safeIf you don’t need a large safe and you’re on a budget, the Stack-On Convertible Gun Cabinet is a great option. Also, it you can store up to 18 rifles here or convert it to house nine house guns with plenty of storage shelves.

The best thing here is you can adjust the shelving based on your needs. Also, you can place it on the right or left side and the safe comes with mounting hardware for utmost security. There’s also foam padding on the shelf to secure your firearms and prevent moisture.

This Stack-On unit is by far, the most affordable and reliable alternative to bulky safe units. But like the SnapSafe model, this isn’t fire-rated so you can only go as far as keeping other people from having access to your firearms.

Nevrtheless when it comes to assembly, it would be a total breeze. It would only take a few nuts and bolts to put all the shelves and barrel rests on. Also, with a weight of 75 pounds, this can be carried by one person if empty.


✔️A very affordable alternative

✔️Lightweight and easy to assemble

✔️Adjustable shelving and racks

✔️3-point locking system for total security


❌Not fire rated

❌There might be some dents on the steel plates

❌You’ll need to trim the barrel rest to fit an AR-15

A modular gun safe is a convenient choice for those who want an adjustable safe. What do you think of our two picks? Let us know below!

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