Different Kinds Of Gun Safes: What’s Best For You

In today’s advancement of technology, it is crucial to incorporate highly developed gun safes for our home. However, veterans and gun enthusiasts alike still stick to mechanical ones, ones with the wheel and pin features or the old and trusted key locks. Why do others prefer to stick to the old ones? What do those steel boxes have that those modern ones don’t have? Let me enlighten you on what the different kinds of gun safes are. Also, allow me to explain how differently they are used in a gun owner’s home. Let this guide help you on which one to get.

Why purchase a gun safe?

Purchasing a gun safe isn’t just every capitalist’s dream on ways to spend more on your new firearm. A gun safe is a reflection of you as a responsible gun owner. It is not just for the sake of providing a hard case for your gun and not wanting to get dust in its nooks and crannies.

A gun safe, whether be it large or small, is also necessary to protect your loved ones from gaining access to it. Most particularly if they are not trained to handle any kind of firearm. This also discourages thieves or burglars from using your guns against you. Getting a gun safe is not just purchasing an accessory but serves as a protection from misuse.

Wheel and Pin Heavy-Duty Gun Safes

different kinds of gun safes

Our grandfather’s fathers may have used different kinds of gun safes. However, there are wheel and pin heavy-duty gun safes from their generation and passed on these heavy-duty gun safes to their sons and to their son’s sons. These heavy-duty gun safes are built to last and often secured with a three-digit pin. They can room up to a dozen or more rifles depending on how eager of a hunter your family members used to be. Heavy-duty gun safes often have wheel locks that are the toughest to crack and steel plate doors that are resistant to drilling.

Liberty National Classic Plus

Are you the first gun enthusiast in your family? Is there no old school gun safe passed on to you? We got your back. The Liberty National Classic Plus is all a heavy-duty gun safe and more. Its classic look is perfect for your home office or even a perfect living room display if you want to pull off a classic American look for your home.

The Liberty National Classic Plus features a 3/8” steel plate door which is the finest plate door around. Its 10-gauge steel body is hard to drill into and will keep your entire set of valuables safe. The ball-bearing hard plate feature and the DX-90 gear drive resist any form of drilling or punching.

The 6730 mechanical lock offers +1.25 dialing tolerance. This precise dialing prevents the wheel from skipping a number. Also, a brass wheel center provides durability no matter how often you turn to open it.

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The accessory door panel gives you additional storage for your hand guns, documents and jewelry.

Fireproof Gun Safes

There are different kinds of gun safes but one thing that a gun enthusiast values the most is its fireproof feature. It is not unusual for home fire accidents to happen or wildfires to happen especially in wooded areas. It is best to prepared when these happen since there are rare occasions when guns go off when exposed to very extreme temperatures. Gun safes have different thresholds and it is best if you choose the best one for you if case accidents happen.

There are fireproof gun safes that are also gun proof so it’s best to look into this feature as well.

Stack-On FS-24 MG-C 24

If you are looking for a durable and fireproof safe, look for one with enough storage to house several rifles or other valuables. With the Stack-On FS-24 MG-C 24 you will be able to house up to two dozen, 54” rifles or shotguns. You may choose to store a dozen of these long firearms and leave enough storage for other valuables such as documents, jewelries or other sentimental items you want to keep safe.

The Stack-On FS-24 MG-C 24 is equipped to stand even at 1400 °F. Tts safety features are approved by the California DOJ. A huge safe such as this one is often accessed by unwanted people by drilling right through its combination lock. The Stack-On FS-24 MG-C 24 is installed with a hardened steel right behind it. This is to assure that your valuables are secured – with or without fire.

The fully-carpeted interior helps in preventing your firearms from getting scratches. Its matte green is perfect for any hunter’s lodge or any classic American home.

Hidden Safes

It is not unusual for old, huge homes to have secret doors that lead to secret rooms. Sometimes there could be secret doors that allow passage to underground tunnels. Nonetheless, people who are aware of these hidden tricks have an advantage over those who don’t know about them. Different kinds of gun safes have different purposes and hidden safes do too.

Locations an unauthorized person would not expect are perfect for hidden gun safes. It is common for you to you have a huge safe located conveniently in your living room or office. However, there is also a huge possibility a burglar will want access to them. Also, aside from security, hidden safes in furniture can also serve as a space saver since it provides dual purpose. Check out some of these cleverly designed hidden safes.

Liberty Wall Mirror

Full-body mirrors are meant to be tall. It is not unusual if they are placed in every room of your house. Besides, they are there so you can check if you look decent enough to go for a night out. However, did you know you can conceal weapons right behind them? Yes, it’s a mirror safe and you still get to protect your good looks in case an emergency happens. There are a variety of different kinds of gun safes and mirror safes are included too.

The interior of the Liberty Wall Mirror has ample of space since it can fit 64.75” x 18” of weaponry. Just be extra careful if you have curious children because the Liberty Wall Mirror comes only with a standard magnetic safety lock. On the other hand, you can have yours customized with a more sophisticated locking mechanism

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Tactical Walls Concealment Flag

Are you that true blue American that’s very expressive about your love for the country? Have you got firearms that you want to conceal in your home? The Tactical Walls Concealment Flag seals both of deals as you can show your love for the country and your freedom, as well.

The Tactial Walls Concealment Flag has three compartments that have these respective interior storage:  12.5″W x 9.5″H x 1.5″D, 12.5″W x 8.5″H x 1.5″D, and 12.5″W x 6″H x 1.5″D. Choose the weapons you want to place in it accordingly. It only has magnetic locks and slides so you better hang it high so children in the house will not be able to access them.

Keep in mind how these hidden gun safes are secured. They do not have the security of heavy-duty gun safes and fireproof features of fireproof gun safes. Strategize on how to store your firearms accordingly.

Digital and Biometric Safes

best biometric gun safe

Digital and biometric safes are the more recent ones in the market. These safes are made for quick access whenever needed. Digital gun safes often times require four to six digits of password then voila! You have immediate access to your firearm. Consequently, biometric safes only require a fingerprint or palm prints to gain access to your firearm. You no longer have to carry a key with your or worry about looking for a locksmith in case you lose the key. These different kinds of gun safes also allow you to carry your hand gun around when needed. There are digital and biometric safes designed specifically for vehicle-use.

Ivation Portable Biometric Car Gun Safe

The Ivation Portable Biometric Car Gun Safe quickly scans through a fingerprint and allows quick access to your firearm. It can also store up to 32 different fingerprints. This is very practical for portable firearms that need to be accessed by a number of people for security purposes such as in prison or banks.

The The Ivation Portable Biometric Car Gun Safe can safely store one personal firearm.

Sentry Safe Fire and Water Resistant Safe

Being digital mean doesn’t mean it  loses its purpose upon exposure to fire or water. One of these is the Sentry Safe Fire and Water Resistant Safe which can withstand up to 1700 °F or heat. It is also water-resistant in case firemen need to water down the burning building.

It is also shock proof for up to 15 feet to you can still input your digital password in case it falls from a certain height.

Here are just some of the different kinds of gun safes commonly found in the market. Which one do you think fits you best? Add some accessories in your gun safe once you have decided which one to get. Remember a responsible gun owner is the only kind of gun owner we need!

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