Wall Safe Reviews 2020 – Top 5 Hidden Gun Safes for Added Security

For avid gun owners, it’s not just about storing guns. It’s also their responsibility to hide it from the prying eyes of visitors, burglars, and kids. However, large and bulky safes are almost difficult to conceal. So in these wall safe reviews, we will help you find a safe that you can mount on your wall and keep away from plain sight.

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At some point, the appeal of hiding a gun safe comes from the “James Bond” feel. It’s like living a life of an action star, only that you have to be more careful.

Actually, it’s not new that the idea of hiding and storing guns are combined. It’s almost a default, especially for properties that are prone to theft.

Why is it important to hide your gun safe?

Instead of warding off criminals, it actually lures them into your property. The fact that you’re securing something means that it’s of high value. Besides, would you spend hundreds of dollars just to lock in a piece of jewelry? A small stash of cash?

You have to know that every single gun safe can be cracked open with the right tools and knowledge – even the most expensive ones. So the key to keeping your firearms secure is to conceal its storage location.

Criminals can’t pry your safe open if they can’t find it. By hiding your gun safe, you’re being strong and smart.

However, the problem here is that putting up a safe into the wall isn’t easy.

Another thing is that if you live in a high-rise apartment, you may not be allowed to mount the safe into the wall.  Always ask your landlord first before drilling into the wall of your unit.

Another reason why it’s important to hide your safe is the possibility of children cracking your code. If they are not seeing the safe, their curiosity is unlikely to prosper. As others say, out of sight out of mind.

Why choose a wall safe?

If you have space issues on your home, you can opt for the best in wall gun safe. Although installation is demanding, it’s a great way to make your safe invisible to the eyes of other people. You can drape a curtain over it or cover it with a piece of furniture or mirror.

Wall safes are also fancy for gun owners who want to add mystery to their storage. Still, in wall gun safes aren’t one without some disadvantages.

When it comes to the locking system, in wall safes are pretty much the same with other gun safes. Still, you should find one that’s easy to unlock should emergency situations arise.

Most wall-fitted safes are made to be waterproof. This is added peace of mind on your end. Below, we have wall safe reviews to help you choose your newest unit.

Disadvantages of a wall safe

The downside of in wall safes is that they are rarely fireproof. Since it will be mounted to the wall, the material has to be lighter and thinner than usual safes. So when a fire broke into your house, there’s no guarantee that the content of the safe would be spared.

Also, once somebody found out about the safe, you don’t have the convenience of moving it away instantly. Moreover, in wall safes are easy to find, especially if the burglars know what they are looking for. All they need to do is scour all your walls, pry it open, and run with their loot.

How to keep your gun safe hidden

So how do you keep your wall safe hidden? Here are some of the tips we recommend before you even purchase one:

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1. Keep your mouth shut

The same way you keep your safe’s door close, you should also shut your mouth about the presence of the safe. Remember the famous American saying “loose lips sink ships”? This is exactly the case if you keep talking where your safe is located. Even if it’s your friend, you simply can’t take chances.

You won’t know when the burglars will hear of the news. Below, we have wall safe reviews to help you conceal the storage.

2. Don’t let evidence lying around

An ammo packaging or labels from tactical brands are giveaways that you have firearms inside your house. For sure, someone will suspect that you have a safe somewhere.

Sterilize your home from these. It includes stickers that will suggest that you’re hiding guns somewhere in your home.

3. Conceal the door

As much as the body of the safe is hidden inside the wall, you should also hide the door from plain sight. A curtain will do, but it will surely trigger curiosity.

One great trick here is to use a mirror. For small in wall safes, a clock will also do. If you want to be creative, a painting will be an easy choice.

4. Use a secret door

If you have the time to spend, you can cut out a hole on your cabinet to fit the door of the safe. This will make it less obvious that you’re hiding a safe since other people will think that you’re just getting clothes.

Still, make sure that the safe door isn’t easy to see upon opening the closet or cabinet.

5. Cover it with a piece of furniture

The most common are bookshelves, display cabinets, and billiard set displays. These can be installed with hinges or rollers so it can either open or slide when you need to access the safe.

However, you have to be careful so no one will see you open the safe.

Top 5 Wall Safe Reviews

Looking for the best in wall gun safe? Here are our five best picks:

Paragon Lock & Safe 7700 Flat Wall Safe

wall safe reviewsIf you’re looking for another small in-wall gun safe, you can check the Paragon Lock & Safe Flat Wall Safe. It’s 19 inches tall and weighs 37 pounds. Paragon claims that this version is “flatter” and can be hidden behind a large picture frame.

There are pre-drilled holes in the safe so you can install it right away. It also fits perfectly between studs and it comes with fixing bolts which allow for seamless anchoring.

This safe has dual locking bolts as well as tamper-proof hinges. Just take note that this safe opens to the right which will affect the installation position.

Like the first safe, this uses an electronic lock where you can program 3 to 8 numbers for the passcode. If you forgot the code, you can use the safety key that comes in the package.

There are two racks inside, but unlike the one from Protex, it’s fixed and made of steel. Nevertheless, there’s a gray carpet inside. For these wall safe reviews, we give Protex 4 out of 5 stars.


✔️Fits perfectly between wall studs

✔️Tamper-proof hinges

✔️10-year manufacturer warranty

✔️Re-engineered build for a flatter construction




❌Internal racks aren’t removal

❌The beeping sound can’t be removed unless you cut the speakers out


First Alert Digital Access Wall Mount Safe

wall safe reviewsIf you’re not really worried about burglary, you can opt for the First Alert Digital Access Wall Mount Safe. It’s a 0.45-cubic meter safe with two emergency override keys in case its electronic lock fails.

Its electronic lock is programmable should you forget your passcode. Also, this works with four AA batteries which are included in the package.

First Alert takes pride in their safe’s pry-resistant hinges and two live door bolts. For mounting, this safe already has pre-drilled holes which will fit on standard wall stud spacing.

There are no racks inside but it can fit a handgun or small pistol inside. It’s best to install this with this hinge at the bottom to stop the gun from falling.

Overall, this is a simple and functional safe. It’s very easy to install but like what we said earlier, it’s not ideal for households that are prone to theft.


✔️Easy installation

✔️Live dual bolts for locking

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✔️Batteries are included in the package

✔️Emergency keys are also included



❌No racks or carpet padding



Viking Security Safe Biometric Wall Safe

wall safe reviewsFor those with the budget to splurge on a tougher safe, you shouldn’t miss the Viking Security Biometric Safety. This is 19 inches tall made from tough steel and equipped with 5 mm door, 20 mm steel deadbolt locking system, and a military-grade look.

This Viking safe is re-engineered and now comes with a 500 DPI Optical Sensor and a four-prong backup cross key. With this, you can guarantee topnotch security for your handguns.

As for the programmable digital lock, you can enter up to 32 fingerprints and only 1 PIN code. Inside, all the surfaces are carpeted to dampen any rattling noise. There’s also a LED light inside to ensure that you will safely access your firearms.

This safe has a beeping sound but you can easily turn it off. Just take note, though, that the safe will keep beeping if you leave the door open. This is a safety feature to ensure that your possessions are always sealed inside.

Just make sure that you change the PIN and enter one fingerprint right away. If not, it will remain in factory default and everyone has access.


✔️Thicker deadbolts at 20 mm

✔️Up to 32 fingerprints

✔️Time-out period for every 5 or 10 incorrect PIN attempts

✔️6 AA Batteries already included



❌The shelves are a bit flimsy



Giantex In-Wall Hidden Safe Security Box

wall safe reviewsLooking for a small safety box? The Giantex In-Wall Hidden Security Box can house a handgun, money, and some pieces of jewelry. You can access this safe box either by key or code.

This safe has a solid construction with two thick locking bolts. If you happen to enter the wrong PIN code for three consecutive times, you will have to wait for the time-out period to finish before you try again.

The Giantex safe runs using four AA-size batteries that are not included in the package. Anyway, the battery isn’t required but you can only use the manual key in this case.

Considering the price, this is already a worthy purchase.


✔️Time-out period after 3 wrong code attempts

✔️Easy to install, instructions included

✔️Half of the price of most in wall safes



❌It beeps when you type the code and there’s no way to turn it off.



#1 In-Wall Gun Safe for Your Home!

MY TOP PICK: Protex PWS-1814E Electronic Keypad Wall Safe

Product Name: Protex PWS-1814E Electronic Keypad Wall Safe

Product Description: If you want a small safe to hide into the wall, you can purchase the Protex PWS-1814E. This is a 44 cubic feet safe equipped with dual motorized chrome bolts. Each of the locking bolts is ¾-inch thick for utmost security. It also has a digital lock pad where you can set your passcode. Inside, there are two removable racks so you can adjust it depending on the number of guns you’re going to store. Since this is just a small safe, you can only safe-keep one or two handguns inside together with other possessions.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Locking system
  • Material
  • Capacity
  • Low-keyness


You can install this Protex safe into the wall by drilling between studs. It will need an intensive construction surgery just like any in-wall safes.

The only gripe that we saw with this safe is that some units tend to have poor electronic installations. Also, the beeping sound can only be turned off if you’re willing to cut some wires behind the electronic pad cover.


✔️Easy to program/reset codes

✔️Automatic spring loaded doors

✔️LED lighting inside upon opening the door

✔️Exterior battery case should the interior one runs out of power



❌Not fire or water rated


Did you find your choice of safe in these wall safe reviews? These five wall safes are ideal for a variety of purposes aside from safekeeping your firearm.

Just make sure that you’re getting a sold construction as well as a reliable bolt locking system. And if all else fails, there should be an emergency key to access the safe.

So if you want to hide your safe from curious eyes, an in wall unit is a good choice. As much as the installation is a bit challenging, the hassle is worth it.

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