Best Home Office Gun Safe for 2021

In business and in life, you have to make sure that everything is organized. Businessmen and other people with professions require their utmost intellect and attention. They need to focus in seeing the big picture. Organizing and compiling documents might not work well with you. However, the toys for the big boys offer a decent break during a busy work day. Your precious shooters should have a room in your office to you can check if they are well-cleaned or oiled.  Check below the best home office gun safe for 2021 that will house your pieces so you can keep your eye on them as you your business throughout the day.

Best Home Office Gun Safe For 2021 Brands

Vault Pro USA

Vault Pro USA is perfect if you have your own company and would want to customize your safe according to your company’s colors and logo. You can even customize your safe’s exterior and interior features to low-key display your collection. Vault Pro USA will help you acquire ballistic glass for your dream safe so you can display it as you store it.

Vault Pro USA Fire and Ballistic Resistant Display Safe

This fire and ballistic resistant display safe allows you to turn your home-office into a mini-gun museum. It’s great to keep it all to yourself but isn’t it awesome if you get to show the world how well-curated your collection is? Show the world how good your collection is under really good lighting! This display safe is equipped with remote controlled L.E.D. lighting system which lets you customize and change its colors depending on how you want to showcase your firearms. This is a whole new take on having a gun vault where you keep all the good stuff to yourself.

best home office gun safe for 2018

Image Credit: Vault Pro USA

Also, the Vault Pro USA fire and ballistic resistant display safe features a Level 1 Ballistic Resistant Glass. It has a 60-minute fire resistant glass.  This is better than other gun safes that don’t even have fireproof features. As a matter of fact, you can even step it up a notch if you still have money to spare. Get the Level 2 Ballistic Resistant and 120-minute Fireproof feature to ensure an added protection for your firearms.

It has high-end and sturdy hidden drawers where you can keep everything such as valuable documents and jewelry. You can even keep your precious Rolex in those drawers so you can wear it anytime you want to impress someone during a business meeting.

Vault Pro USA Second Amendment Walk-In Gun Safe

If you need a bigger safe for your big collection, you might want to get Vault Pro USA Second Amendment Walk-In Gun Safe. You might not be into clothes or fashion so a walk-in closet is not that practical for you. However, the Second Amendment Walk-in Gun Safe changes the game of keeping your weaponry safe.

Vault Pro USA highlights the right of every American to keep and bear arms. “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed,” the company highlights.

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This definitely tops the list for the best home office gun safe for 2020 since it relieves you of the option to get two gun safes for your expanding collection. It is more than enough for your personal use since it can store up to hundreds of weaponry and other materials you want to keep safe. You can customize the interior design, the exterior paint job, the hardware used and the shelving you need in storing your weapons well. You can even customize the LED lights you want for the vault.

For the best home office gun safe for 2021, visit Vault Pro USA here.

Winchester Safes

Since 1866, the Winchester brand has been providing security and safety for families worldwide. That over 150 years of perfecting their craft and knowing what to anticipate from their customers. Winchester assures their clients of unparalleled quality and modern methods to keep your weapons safe.

“We know what our home and gun safes mean to our consumers, and we never take that responsibility for granted,” Winchester promises. Let check some of Winchester’s best home office gun safe for 2021.

Winchester Home 7 and Home 12

If you prefer handguns and smaller valuable to protect, the Winchester Home 7 is the best option for your home office. Despite being packed in storage, it has a 60-minute fire rating at 1400 ºF assuring you that all your valuables are safe in your home office in case of an accident. With its interior space at 27”(H) x 17” (W) x 12” (D), you will be able to keep safe a number of handguns, jewelries and documents in your home office. For more storage you can opt for the Winchester Home 12 which has interior dimensions of 38”(H) x 22” (W) x 12” (D) which can easily fit a number of firearms.

Both are UL Certified as Residential Security Containers with 12 –Gauge Steel which is manually impenetrable. Under its 12-gauge steel are fire boards layer to protect your valuables from within. They are as heavy as 220 lbs. and 346 lbs. for the Winchester Home 7 and Winchester Home 12 respectively. It would be highly challenging for thieves to just pick them up and go! You can have both sandstone or black depending on the interior of your home office – make sure it goes well with your interior paint or wallpaper. The S&G Lock can be mechanical or EMP electronic depending on your preference.

Winchester Evolution 36 and Evolution 55

If you want to place sturdier and bulkier gun safes, the Winchester Evolution series would be perfect for your home. These are not the typical gun safe that one usually places in his home office but it will definitely rank up in the best home office gun safe for 2020 because of its modular design. You can customize your safe depending on your growing collection. And depending on the kind of firearms you have.

best home office gun safe for 2018

Image Credit: Winchester Safes

The Winchester Evolution 36 fits up to 40 guns respectively with interior dimensions of 55”(H) x 38”(W) x 27.5” (D). The safe itself is 842 lbs. On the other hand the Winchester Evolution is  59”(H) x 55”(W) x 29” (D) and can fit as much as 67 guns. It weighs 1116 lbs. so no human of reasonable should be able to carry this safe.

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Both Winchester Evolutions are UL Certified and contains fire board layers under its 11-gauge steel.

Make space for new Winchester Safe today. Check all the available safes here.

American Security Products Co. (AMSEC)

Make sure you have one of the top gun safes not only in the United States but worldwide with AMSEC.  Not only do they offer world-class products but they offer consulting services for you as well. They have a hotline 24/7 and 365 days in a year. Manufacturing safes since late 1940s from the West Coast, AMSEC has around 70 years of experience in creating trustworthy safes. Check what AMSEC has to offer for best home office gun safe for 2020.

AMSEC RF Gun Safes

If you want to have the best office safe for your weapon look no further. With the only U.L. listed TL-30 burglary and fire resistant gun safes on the market, you can sleep peacefully at night. The RF Series RF582820X6 has interior dimensions of of 58”(H) x 28”(W) x 20” (D), the RF Series RF6528 is at of 65”(H) x 28”(W) x 20” (D) and lastly, the RF Series RF703620X6 has interior dimensions at 70”(H) x 36”(W) x 20” (D).

best home office gun safe for 2018

Image Credit: AMSEC USA

All safes from the RF series have a 120-minute fire protection. AMSEC offers a lifetime warranty against theft and fire. And all of them are made in the USA. This is how you know you are getting the best gun safe deal there is.

This is perfect for your home office because not only does it keep your guns safe. With this, you can also place family heirlooms and documents in it. Make sure that you will get a design that will still look amazing even after several decades; because this will surely last a lifetime.


The AMSEF TF series is perfect for that corner in your home office that seems so bare. It can be placed there casually and will not disrupt the rhythm of the room.

The TF Series has two kinds – the TF5517E5 and the TF5924E5 which is slightly more spacious than the first one. Both have a lifetime warranty against theft and fire. It has the AMSEC ESL5 Electronic Lock with illuminated keypad but can replaced with the a different set of group lock.

Both are perfect not just for handguns and rifles. However it can also be perfect for bulks of cash that you cannot just leave lying around.

Vault Pro USA, AMSEC, and Winchester are just some of the brands that will stand by its reputation and integrity when it comes to gun safes. If you invest your money in the place, it will pay off well in the long run. Have you explored which biometric gun safes to get for easier access?

These are just some of the options for the best home office gun safe for 2020 but there are still plenty of good ones out there too. Do you have other safes in mind? Let me know in the comments section below!

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