7 Excellent Gun Safes That Work Well Against Fire And Burglary

Gun safes aren’t made equal. There are humble ones while there are also pieces that have higher specifications and capable of withstanding fire and theft attempts. The best gun safe for fire and burglary is one that can endure prying and extreme temperatures without yielding to it. This exemplary feature adds more security to the possessions stored inside, especially the firearms.

However, it’s important to know the difference between a “fireproof” and a “fire-resistant” safe. Fireproof is an absolute word, meaning that something won’t be affected by a fire and its accompanying elements no matter what. And for your information, there’s no such thing as a “fireproof” gun safe. There’s only a “fire-resistant” gun safe.

Fire-resistant safes are vaults that can withstand fire cladding for a certain period and under a maximum temperature. Some gun safes can last an hour of 1400F before starting to melt or the contents to burn. Although there are limitations, a fire-resistant gun safe is something that most gun enthusiasts are looking for. Ammunitions have the chance of firing up if cooked inside a safe, and with the extra protection, it will save a family from further catastrophic scenarios.

Another purpose gun safe serves is keeping the firearms and valuable possessions away from burglars. Only safes with an intricate locking mechanism and thick steel can do this. If you’re purchasing for this benefit, you have to invest more.

To give you some of the best gun safe for fire and burglary, here are some that we’ve scoured all over the web. Check each one out and see which product you find the most interesting to buy.

1. Steelwater Gun Safe 2-Hour Fire Protection

Finding a gun safe that can withstand fire cladding for more than an hour isn’t an easy task. Most of the models nowadays are geared to endure one hour tops under intense heat. This is the reason why the Steelwater Gun Safe 2-Hour Fire Protection Safe is one to die for. It can withstand two hours of fire cladding with a temperature of up to 1850F. This is twice or thrice as much as what typical safes have to offer.

best gun safe for fire and burglary

When it comes to the burglary security, this safe has a glass re-locking system that’s better than the usual bolt technology used nowadays. The locking is more solid to prevent any drill or prying attack by thieves. There are five 1 1/4-inch chrome plated bolts for your firearms’ security. This is paired with a 4.5-inch composite door that’s impossible to crack open.

To open the safe, there’s a combination dial that you can use. Also, you can upgrade to the model that uses the keypad system for a faster access but with the same build and protection.

Once you order this, take note that this best gun safe for fire and burglary will be delivered through a big truck. Make sure that your place has enough space to park on and you have the means to lift it up wherever you wish to place it. The safe is hefty at 500 pounds (a lot of steel!).

2. SentrySafe Fire and Water Resistant Gun Safe

If you want a smaller yet an equally reliable safe, don’t miss the SentrySafe and Water-Resistant Gun Vault. This has an hour of endurance against fire cladding with a temperature of as hot as 1200F. Still, it doesn’t beat the Steelwater when it comes to fire protection. The interior of the safe will remain below 350F within the same timeframe to prevent the contents from burning.

best SentrySafe gun safe for fire and burglary

The SentrySafe is also water-resistant and you don’t have to worry even if the firefighters bombard it with water cannons. However, you should retrieve your belongings within 24 hours or the water will start to seep in. Aside from these elements, the SentrySafe vault can also endure impact from falling in a maximum of 15 feet.

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Inside, you’ll find racks and pockets to store handguns and other valuables. It’s small but spacious enough for a bunch of things as the best gun safe for fire and burglary.

Although this is relatively smaller than the first listed safe, SentrySafe is reinforced to deter theft attempts. It uses four one-inch bolts for locking and prevention against prying. When opening, you can use either the keypad for your code or the manual key slot. The good thing here is you can disable the keypad using the key so other people won’t access it even if they know the combination.

The SentrySafe brand gives a replacement guarantee in case your safe is damaged by a fire, flooding, or theft.

3. Amsec BF6032 90-Minute Fire-Resistant Safe

When it comes to fire and theft protection, the Amsec BF6032 90-Minute Fire-Resistant Safe can give Steelwater a run for its money. This has a hefty weight of 882 pounds but it embodies how toughie it can be against theft and fire. For 90 minutes, it can endure fire cladding with a maximum temperature of 1275F. This is paired with a combination of silicone and palusol fire seal to prevent smoke and water from entering the safe in the event of a fire or water pumping.

best Amsec gun safe for fire and burglary

Manufacturers claim that this is spy-proof and can’t be cracked open without giving thieves a hard time. Besides, the walls of this best gun safe for fire and burglary are two inches thick and the door has a ½-inch solid steel plate. There are also 10 bolts that are 1.5-inch thick to keep the safe locked. Overall, this Amsec safe has a commercial-grade quality that speaks much about its ability to defend the contents against any unauthorized access.

The locking system of this safe uses a key-locked dial. It takes more time to open but safer if you’re afraid of being spied for your password.

Inside, there are racks, pouches, and a door organizer where you can stash firearms and other belongings. The bonus part is the mirrored walls that allow you to see the contents easily.

Even if this is quite an expensive safe, every penny is worth the security it can bring.

4. Winchester Big Daddy Gunmetal Safe

For gun owners with a massive collection of firearms, it’s important to get a spacious safe with utmost security. The Winchester Big Daddy Gunmetal Safe isn’t just big on its gun capacity of at least 30 firearms. As the best gun safe for fire and burglary, it’s also a champion in enduring fire of up to 75 minutes under a maximum temperature of 1400F. There’s also a palusol fire seal in place here which will expand up to six times to isolate the interior of the safe from smoke and other harmful gasses.

best Winchester gun safe for fire and burglary

The locking mechanism of this safe uses a UL listed and IMP resistant combination dial that can’t be overridden. It also has 10 locking bolts on its 12-gauge steel body that will stop any attempt of prying and drilling. In fact, there’s an auxiliary re-locker inside this safe that will keep the bolts in place even under brute force.

Inside, you’ll find removable racks complete with contours where you can park your long firearms. There are also added space on top where you can stash pieces of jewelry, cash, and other valuables. All this is paired with a door organizer with eight handgun slings and more pockets for you to exploit.

The only downside here is that the safe tends to have a residual smell from the adhesives used for the fabric padding. Anyway, this will diminish over time and not much of a deal-breaker. If you can’t bear the smell, you can place an air fresher inside.

5. Liberty Safe 18-Gun Firearm Vault

If you want to tone down a bit when it comes to the capacity of your gun safe, you can check out the Liberty Safe 18-gun Firearm Vault. It can withstand fire for 30 minutes under the temperature of 1200F. The door and walls of this safe have double layers of protection against fire so you can borrow time to rescue your firearms and belongings. There’s also a fire seal in place that will expand up to seven times its original size to keep the smoke and water out of the safe. As the best gun safe for fire and burglary, the Liberty Safe has added steel gussets to increase its anti-theft features.

best Liberty gun safe for fire and burglary

Overall, the Liberty Safe uses a 12-gauge metal for this safe which is still good enough in terms of sturdiness and durability. It uses a dial combination lock so no one can spy your password. Just take note that the door normally protrudes a bit than the frame so don’t force it to be on the same level.

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If you’re not a fan of electronic locks, the military type locking system of the Liberty Safe is for you. You can also customize the internal racks to your heart’s content. This is already the right bargain of protection and capacity. However, it looks pricey for its overall build and features. Still, this is one for the money if you have enough budget to shell out.

6. Stack-On PFS-1608 Fireproof Electronic Safe

If you only have two to four handguns to think about, the Stack-On PFS-1608 Fireproof Electronic Safe will be your convenient choice. This is a small safe, more like the size of a microwave oven. It can withstand fire for 30 minutes with a temperature of up to 1400F. This Stack-On safe has a welded construction that’s pretty solid for its build.

best StackOn gun safe for fire and burglary

This best gun safe for fire and burglary uses a keypad combination code for the locking system as well as a manual key in case the battery runs out. Just make sure that you set a 3-8 digit code to enjoy this easy-access feature. You can also swing the door open beyond 180 degrees for a more comfortable access to your belongings. During cleaning, you can remove the foam padding inside so you can clean it well outside the safe. This also allows for customization if you wish so.

The Stack-On safe uses four locking bolts for the ultimate security. For such a small safe, this is already heavy at 49 pounds which is a good thing if you’re looking for stability. There are four pre-drilled holes on the safe so you can bolt it down inside your cabinet or the concrete floor of your house.

If you’re on a budget, this is a very affordable safe. It can hold a few handguns and best for gun owners who don’t plan to expand their collection anytime soon.

7. Cannon Safe LM3220-H10HEC Executive Safe

In case you want a notch bigger than the last Stack-On safe, I suggest that you check out the Cannon Safe LM3220-H10HEC Executive Vault. It can insulate the content for as much as one hour during a fire. However, there’s no clarity as to how much temperature it can handle. Still, a good purchase if you want added protection aside from the usual safekeeping of your firearms and other belongings.

best Cannon gun safe for fire and burglary

The locking mechanism of this safe is a combination of four locking bolts, a patented Tru-Lock hinge, and a triple fin door seal. You can expect topnotch security on this 12-gauge best gun safe for fire and burglary. On the door is a keypad that you can use to access the safe with the passcode you registered. Take note that there’s no manual keyhole here in case the electronic keypad fails. Anyway, the seller is willing to send a replacement if the keypad is entirely malfunctioning.

Inside, you’ll find a fully furnished and padded interior with adjustable shelves. There’s also a door organizer where you can tuck more belongings and small firearms.

This safe is 32 inches tall and still small enough to bolt down inside a cabinet or small room. Although a bit expensive, this is a wise buy for your firearms’ security.

The best gun safe for fire and burglary could be on the list we have above. The choice depends on what you need and how much you can spend. What matters is you choose one that’s for the money.

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