10 Best Gun Safe Accessories You Should Have Before Storing Your Firearms

Aside from the safe itself, there are other pieces of equipment that will increase the security of your firearms. These are lights, fire seal, racks, and more that will make storage easier and safer. These best gun safe accessories you should have are pretty affordable and easy to acquire. You might think that this is just a waste of money, but you’ll realize important these little details are when tragedy strikes.

One of the most basic accessories is the lighting inside the safe. Not all gun vaults would come with a built-in one so it’s important that you take the initiative to install it yourself. This simple accessory can actually save you from future injuries. Feeling the firearm in the dark is highly dangerous especially if it’s loaded.

Racks are another thing. This helps organize your guns, more so if you have rifles and shotguns inside the safe. Some of these guns may not have a lock feature and will fire off if dropped. Racks intended for a variety of guns are a good choice if you’re a massive gun enthusiast. It’s also an accessory that will help you utilize the space of the safe for more valuable storage.

Other accessories like fire seals, dehumidifier, door organizer, and security cable all serve its purpose. If you’re planning to purchase some accessories, consider having the following on your list:

1. Lighting

Like what I said earlier, lighting is very important in a safe. A high-end model that costs a few hundred dollars would likely come with a built-in light inside. But if yours don’t, you can purchase one separately and install it yourself. Regardless if you have a small or big safe, having a light source inside is quite an unwritten rule since you’re handling powerful weapons. It’s one of the best gun safe accessories you should have as soon as possible.

best gun safe accessories you should have

The number one purpose of lighting is to give you easier access to your firearms. During a house invasion, the last thing you would want to happen is to rummage through the dark.

One excellent lighting kit is the TORCHSTAR LED Safe Lighting. It’s composed of four 12-inch LED strips, motion sensor, extension cables, and a UL listed adapter. This is a versatile option regardless if you have a big or small safe. You can use the excess strips to other storage safes or cabinets.

2. Racks

The second accessory on this list is the racks. Gun racks are very important in ensuring that your firearms are stored properly, thus preventing any physical damage caused by haphazard piling. For bigger safes, a rotating rack is unbeatable. It adds aesthetic to the interior of the safe plus it can hold up to a dozen long guns depending on the one that you’ll be getting. For smaller safes, a contoured rack will do.

Racks could be pricey, but having one will make a big difference since it will make access to the firearm easy. Also, you no longer need to disassemble the gun just to store it in your safe. As you see, it’s one of the best gun safe accessories you should have.

If you’re in the hunt for a quality rotating rack, I recommend the Winchester Run Around Susan Gun Rack. It can hold 12 long firearms with an adjustable height of up to 39 inches. The height adjustment is telescopic to accommodate almost all long firearms.

3. Dehumidifier

The optimal humidity level for safes is zero. This is because rust and mold build up thrives in moisture. Such a thing will damage your firearms and ammo as well as other stuff stored inside the safe. Most gun safes would have this issue, especially if the vault won’t be opened for a long time. Still, the problem is easy to solve by placing a dehumidifier inside.

A dehumidifier is a small device that will catch the moisture inside the container where it’s placed. Owners who have smaller safes would resort to tiny desiccant packs to catch the dampness inside their vaults. But for massive safes, a device like this is needed.

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best gun safe accessories you should have

The Eva-Dry Mini Dehumidifier is one excellent choice for safes up to 333 cubic feet. This is a renewable dehumidifier that can last up to 10 years in continuous use. You just have to watch out for the changing of the crystal color so you’ll know when to unplug and plug it back. One of the best gun safe accessories you should have, I must say.

4. Security cable

It’s easy to think that a security cable is no longer needed if you already bolt down the safe. However, for those with small gun vaults, a security cable will add another level of security. If you’re mounting your safe inside the car or somewhere where you simply can’t bore holes, this cable will be useful.

Security cables for gun safes are simple strips of reinforced steel with a loop on one end and a pin slot on the other. The pin slot will be attached to the safe and the loop can be entwined to a heavy and solid material like the bed’s headboard or an irremovable pipe.

The GunVault Gun Safe Security Cable is a good choice if you’re looking for one. This is 6-foot long that’s made of high-strength steel for the optimal security. Just take note that it will only work well with certain gun safe models from GunVault like the mini, mini deluxe, Bio 1,000, and more. It’s one of the best gun safe accessories you should have.

5. Fire seal

If there’s one accessory you should install first above anything else, it would be the fire seal. This strip of rubber-like material will expand when exposed to a certain level of heat. The purpose of this seal is to protect the interior of the safe from smoke and other harmful gasses that may arise during a fire. It will buy you time to rescue your safe and retrieve your firearms.

A lot of high-end gun safes would come with a fire seal in place already. In case yours don’t have one, purchase a commercially available strip and attach it yourself. One option is the Pemko Hot Smoke Seal that’s made with a graphite finish. This sealing strip is 18-feet long so even those with bigger and multiple safes can utilize it.

There’s no need to apply any glue here since the strip comes with an adhesive back. You can even paint it to blend with the color of your safe. It’s one of the best gun safe accessories you should have only if your safe is equipped to be installed with one.

best gun safe accessories you should have

6. Fire and water-resistant bags

It’s important to remember that there’s no such thing as a fireproof gun safe. You can only get a fire-resistant one that can endure a few hours of exposure to fire. Still, you can level up the protection of your valuables through the use of fire and water-resistant bags. These containers work well if you’re storing important documents inside the safe.

The sizes of these bags vary and you can get multiple pieces to secure everything that’s on your safe. You can also place guns inside if you’re worried about fire and the chance of flooding in your area. However, it would hinder quick access since the firearms would be packed.

I recommend that you purchase one of Defender’s Fireproof and Water-Resistant Bags. It’s made of silicone-coated fiberglass with a hefty size of 11”x15”x4”. This has a brief-case style opening for a more organized storage. You can also use it in storing documents somewhere else in your house.

7. Mini Duster

A mini duster is a simple accessory that will make safe cleaning easy. Unlike the usual dusters you’ll see, the one dedicated for gun safes are made of microfiber. This will catch more dirt and hold it so you can dust it off out of the vault. A microfiber duster won’t damage the interior padding even if used regularly. This makes it one of the best gun safe accessories you should have.

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Cleaning accessories are usually overlooked by gun safe owners since it doesn’t serve any direct purpose of safekeeping the firearms. But remember that dirt and grime build-up isn’t a good thing for metal items.

The Liberty Safe Multi-Purpose Mini Duster is the best bet for your gun safe. First, it’s made by one of the leading gun safe brands and secondly, it’s made of microfiber. You can use it for both the interior and exterior of the safe. This is very cheap and getting one wouldn’t hurt your budget.

best gun safe accessories you should have

8. Handgun Hangers

One trick to store more handguns in your safe is to use a series of handgun hangers. These simple contoured wires hold the gun through the barrel and then hanged on the cabinet rack. This accessory is pretty straightforward but very useful if you want to store your guns in a ready position. Handgun hangers will also prevent the pistols from rattling with each other.

Actually, you can make your own handgun hanger, but you should be willing to sacrifice a few handguns for testing. Not to mention the flimsy wires you’re going to use, this might not be a practical and economical choice.  Just get one of these best gun safe accessories you should have online.

Rather, I suggest that you get the AmeriGun Club’s Handgun Hangers. It’s a pack of four hangers where firearms as small as the .22 caliber can fit. Overall, these hangers fit guns of up to 10 inches and it can be hanged to shelves with a maximum thickness of one inch. You can purchase more if you have dozens of handguns to hang.

9. Ammunition canister

Even if you have storage racks inside the safe, it’s not safe to let pieces of ammo sitting by freely. You should have a separate canister to store it into. Bullets and ammo can roll and if you don’t notice, it can fall out of the safe and land in the hands of your kids. Take note that there are reported cases when individual bullets spontaneously discharge due to pressure.

best gun safe accessories you should have

Some gun owners also suggest that you store the ammo out of the safe and in a separate, sealed container. This could be due to the heat that can accumulate inside the safe at some point. It’s one of the best gun safe accessories you should have.

You can check out the BLACKHAWK Ammunition Canister. It’s an airtight and watertight container with a removable gasket lid. This canister has heavy-gauge steel that you can secure using a security cable. Dimensions are 10” x 6.75” x 3.5”, best for medium-sized safes or a small cabinet.

This BLACKHAWK canister is easy to transport since it comes with a flat folding handle. Anyway, there’s no visible lock slot here but you can secure it using a security cable around the lid.

10. Lock light

One of the most important of the safe is the locking system. It should be accessible at all times. But how can it be if the lights are off and someone broke in inside your house? This is where a lock light would be a lifesaver. It’s a simple attachment at the top of your keypad, dial, or key slot that will make the area visible. Unlike the interior lighting of the safe, a lock light usually emits a red light for a low key appearance.

A lock light only illuminates mildly so it won’t be the center of attention when someone enters the room where the safe is located.  Of course, this is just an optional accessory, but it won’t hurt to get one.

Some safes would have a lighted keypad. Others won’t, so getting one like the Cannon Safe Light would be advisable. This electronic lock safelight has a simple magnetic attachment and a push-button operation. Just press the white button on top and the device will turn on. This uses a 3V battery; make sure to recharge it regularly.

What do you think of these best gun safe accessories you should have? Let us know below!

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