Best Biometric Gun Safe Perfect For Your Home

There are tons of mass shooting incidents that occurred in the United States in the recent years. There were 384 mass shootings in 2016 followed by 346 in 2017. As a responsible gun owner, you know the purpose of your gun and taking a human life is not one of those. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Teenagers have access to their parents’ safe or burglaries happen. People with terrible intentions should never be able to access your firearms. There are great conventional gun safes in the market but have you considered checking out some of the best biometric gun safe out there? What do you need to consider before getting one? Let me help you put things into consideration.

What is a biometric gun safe?

Biometric gun safes mean there’s one less password to remember or one less key for you to keep.  Biometric gun safes allow you to have access to your guns using only some of your physical features such as your fingerprints or your palm. Only you can have access to your firearms since you are literally the key. Your digital signature is unique and yours only.

best biometric gun safe

Isn’t this a more convenient way to secure your possessions? Imagine just pressing your finger and you have automatic access to your guns. This means less time searching for your key and more time spent in preparing your needs for hunting. This can be very convenient too if there’s a sudden need for you to protect your home against dangerous attacks.  You need to know certain standards so can have the best biometric gun safe for yourself.

What are the primary features of a biometric gun safe?

Not all biometric gun safes on the market have the highest standard. Here are some key features you need to consider so you can get the best biometric gun safe for your hunting equipment.

Error-free Fingerprint Reader

Our cell phones have the latest and most advanced fingerprint scanners on the market – your future gun safe should not have anything less.

Why does it have to be the newest technology? Older versions of biometric gun safes have the technology behind them but the newest ones have the tried and tested versions. These are more reliable and more accurate in determining your fingerprint. This means faster scans and less chance in hacking by people you don’t allow access.

Fingerprint readers should primarily detect your distinct biological feature or other features of those you have allowed registering in the safe. Also, the fingerprint scanner should be more durable and sturdier in case you forget to tap lightly. The best biometric gun safe should be able to detect scans quickly and accurately.

Reliable Memory

Gun safes are primarily for personal use or in particular workplaces such as police stations or state park offices. You might have a number of people you fully trust in your home or workplace They should have proper access to firearms when needed.  A biometric gun safe should have a reliable memory to store registered fingerprints.

Some biometric gun safes have very limited memory. This can be a problem if there are a number of people that need to access the safe. On the other hand, other safes have memories that vary. Some can let you store up to five prints.  Other safes have memories that can let you store more than a dozen prints

Being able to store several fingerprint data in your gun safe relieves you the hassle of passing on a key or telling people your personal code. Consequently, you will know specifically who has access to your gun safe. Choose the best biometric gun safe depending on your purpose.

Power Supply

One thing you should also consider is electricity since biometric gun safes function using that. There are options such as plugged ones or those that run on battery. There are some too that required constant electricity but have battery options when there is a sudden power interruption. If your gun safe is meant to stay at home all times and secured in one area, a plugged biometric gun safe is the best option. Most full-size biometric gun safe has a backup power supply for power interruptions.

If the safe is meant for more handy firearms such as a handgun or a pistol, a more compact, battery-powered one is best. This is the most practical option if you intend to carry your gun with you at all times or if you need to transport it from one place to another. This is also a great place to hide your valuables whenever traveling such as cash or very important documents.

Choose the biometric gun safe for you depending on how you will use it. Consider the power supply source according to your purpose.

Fire Protection and Security

Accidents occur and it’s better if you are ready if certain calamities arise. The best biometric gun safe for you should have an evaluation by the UL. The UL tests products if they have quality features that practical for the public. The standard recommendation of UL listed products is 350F threshold for one hour of fire cladding for the whole safe.

Verify first if the sheet-rock is properly installed since it is the only thing that will keep your guns protected against fire. If you opt to have a huge fire-resistant safe, you can include a smaller fire-resistant, biometric gun safe in it as well. You can place a smaller handgun, very important documents or files in it for a higher level of security and protection.

Be careful about purchasing UL – RSC listed products as these only mean “Residential Security Container” which is an applicable standard of security for low-quality steel cabinets. This only blocks the use of a pry bar or a hammer while most thieves nowadays are already equipped with battery-powered tools when breaking in. This is no longer applicable in the 21st century.

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When purchasing your gun safe, make sure it has a minimum of 10-gauge steel rather than 14 to 12-gauge steel doors. The higher the number the thinner the steel is. If you can spend a little more on 8-gauge steel walls, the better. Doors and how your biometric safes operate are useless if these thieves decide to just drill a hole on the side of the safe so invest in sturdier steel beforehand.

Water Resistant

Low-lying areas or areas close to bodies of waters are oftentimes prone to flooding. If you live in these areas it’s best to invest in water-resistant biometric gun safes. Some of these safes are tested and submerged in 8 to 12 inches of water for 24 hours. You are sure your valuables are intact in case of emergencies.

However, you have to take note that it is not waterproof. These are only resistant to water at a certain amount of time. It will come to a point that you have to eventually get it out of the water.


It’s better if you have enough storage if you want to expand your firearm collection and get more hunting equipment. You wouldn’t want to leave new rifles or even old ones lying outside the safe to make room for others. It’s better to have prepared storage than lacking some of it.

Consider the sizes of your firearms. If you own or plan to own sets of rifles, the best biometric gun safe for you would be a full-size one which can store up to a dozen rifles. You can also store handguns and pistols and other hunting equipment such as binoculars and knives in certain compartments. You can also place documents or jewelry in it because of its ample space. Your home office or garage area is the best location for this.

If you just want to have a biometric safe that can be placed in your bedroom closet or your anteroom, you can opt for a medium sized one. You can place two to three handguns in these and other valuable documents as well.

If one handgun is all you need, you may want to purchase a handgun safe. This enables you to carry it in your car for security purposes. You can also place it in a drawer on your bedside table for emergency purposes. The portability of a handgun safe and biometric feature allows you quicker access to your gun when an emergency arises.


Even the security features of the world’s best biometric gun safe might be useless if it was not installed properly. Heavy-duty anchors Should bolt full-sized safes to ensure that it is stable and will not budge even on natural calamities. The safe should be bolted to concrete and solid structures. Anchor it to the wall or you can choose to bolt it to the wall for better security.

Once you have decided on all the crucial criteria for the best biometric gun safe for you, it’s time to check what are the options are for you. It’s best to spend a little more time in purchasing and examining before buying one since you will be tied to this for a long time. Make sure you have the best one in your home.  As a responsible gun owner, security should be your number one priority when owning a firearm.

What are the best brands of biometric gun safes in the market?

Some of the known brands of the best biometric gun safe for you that offers varied options. They are listed below. Dig a little a deeper and who knows you might find the perfect gun safe for you.

Gun Vault

With 28 years of perfecting the biometric technology in keeping your firearm safe, GunVault has dedicated itself to improving high-quality and durable handgun safes. They have developed their No-Eyes Keypad that only needs to detect your fingertips without needing to look at the safe.  This is very helpful when navigating in the dark. With the strong and sturdy exterior and padded interior, you are sure that your handgun stays in place all the time.

It has backup keys for emergencies and a 5-year warranty in case of a fire or burglary.

MiniVault GVB 1000 / GVB 2000

bestbiometric gun safe

The MiniVault GVB 1000 weighs 9 lbs. and is at 5 ¼” x 8 1/3” x 12”. This can easily fit in the drawer on your bedside table.  On the other hand, the MiniVault GVB 2000 weighs 14 lbs. Its dimensions are at 8 ¼” x 10 1/3” x 14” which can easily store a handgun and other valuables that you want to be within reach.  They both allow the owner to register 20 unique fingerprints. It requires 9V of battery and gives a LED low battery warning if the batteries need replacement. California Firearm Safety Devicesapprove of these safes. This means they meet the requirements laid by the Penal Code section 23655.

SpeedVault SVB 500

The SpeedVault SVB 500 allows you to have access on your handgun as quickly as 1 -1.5 seconds. It is light at 6.61 lbs. with exterior dimensions at 13” x 3 ½” x 6 ½ and a discreet package. The SVB 500 can easily fit under your work desk in your home office or right behind your bedside table. It can also register up to 20 unique fingerprints.  The SpeedVault SVB 500 also requires 9V of battery and emits a LED low battery warning if the batteries need replacement.

Check the rest of their catalog here.

LockSAF Biometric Pistol Safes

LockSAF is one of the best-known brands in biometric safes. They have applied all the latest technology for their products and assure their customers of foolproof gun safes and convenience all the time.  The LockSAF Company has been established since 2007 so rest assured that these safes have undergone the latest technology developments.


The PBS – 001 is one of the two main products of LockSAF. It allows you quick access to your firearm with just a push of a button followed by a fingerprint scan. I have mentioned earlier that the best standard steel thickness is at 10-gauge. The PBS – 001 has 9-gauge steel making it the best biometric gun safe in terms of security. You can sure no can access or drill into your vault no matter how hard they try. The bottom panel allows you to bolt it wherever you want. This is for additional stability and avoids the possibility of having it stolen easily.

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The PBS 001 weighs 22 lbs. and has dimensions at 13.98 in (W) X 10.24 in (D) X 4.57 in (H). It weight and dimensions allow it to be easily bolted in your cabinet or wherever you may want to place it. It requires 9V of battery and includes 2 spare keys for emergency purposes.

PBS – DigiSwipe

The PBS – DigiSwipe is the more updated version on the PBS- 001 which allows you to access your firearms safely and swiftly compared to other biometric scanners. This is a next-generation scanner that has the latest digital technology incorporated its algorithms. Like the PBS -001, it has a 9-gauge steel assuring you that your safe has one of the top-notch qualities in the market.

The PBS – DigiSwipe is as heavy as the PBS – 001 at 22 lbs. and has the exact same dimensions at 13.98 in (W) X 10.24 in (D) X 4.57 in (H).  It can also store up 10 unique fingerprints and only needs 9V of battery in it. It also has 2 spare keys if ever they are needed.


With 88 years of experience in providing safes and secure storage options, SentrySafe has been developing world-class and high-end safes for decades so it is no wonder it offers one of the best biometric gun safe around. With varied offerings and a market of 54 countries, SentrySafe is under the wing of Master Lock, LLC. The company is a renowned brand for providing security materials and padlocks worldwide.

SentrySafe offers six pistol safes for you depending on your specific safety needs.  Here are two of them.

SentrySafe QAP1BE Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe

With just a swipe of your finger, you will be able to access your handgun in your SentrySafe QAP1BE Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe. It has the latest technology developed to avoid unauthorized access to your safe. You can access the safe using just one hand and the Compression Gas Strut technology incorporated in the door of the safe allows you a quiet access to your firearm when needed.

With included bolt down hardware, you can easily secure it in one place without worrying if it can be easily stolen.  At 11.9 lbs., an interior capacity of 0.08 cubic ft., and an exterior size of 3.2 in (H) x 12.1 in (W) x 9.9 in (D) you can bolt it right next to your bed for quicker access if needed. It is made of solid steel and approved by the California DOJ so you know it is up to commercial standards.

SentrySafe Extra Large Biometric Pistol Safe QAP2BEL


The SentrySafe Extra Large Biometric Pistol Safe QAP2BEL is not just one of the most aesthetically pleasing ones but it is also equipped with the most updated form of safe technology around. This is what makes it the best biometric gun safe SentrySafe has to offer. Like the QAP1BE, it also has a silent digital lock which prohibits any form of sound when it is opened.

The interior LED lights will help you gain access to your safe even in the dark. It is solid steel and definitely pry –resistant. It can be bolted wherever you want, so your valuables will remain secure in your home and away from thieves.

With a capacity of 0.115 cubic feet, the SentrySafe Extra Large Biometric Pistol Safe QAP2BEL, can fit two individual pistols. It is also certified by the California DOJ.


Barska has established itself as one of the most reliable source products in the outdoor sporting industry. Aside from this, they have ventured into safety cases and biometric safes that are best used whenever traveling. The company commits to providing superior quality of materials for its consumers worldwide.

One of the best biometric gun safe Barska has to offer is listed below.

Barska HQ900 Standard Biometric Keypad Rifle Safe


Some of the previously listed ones are mainly for bedside tables or cabinets. The Biometric Fingerprint Identification System of the Barska HQ900 Standard Biometric Keypad Rifle Safe permits you to access your rifles with just a simple scan. You don’t have to always carry your key around or try to remember the code when you want to go hunting. Athough this safe allows you to do this if you’re set in your ways.

With inner dimensions at 13 in (W) x 13 in (D) x 52.25 (H), you will be able to place 5 rifles in the rack and 2 handguns in it. It can store up to 120 fingerprints for people you trust enough. You can allow them to register their fingerprints in the safe. It also includes two mechanical keys you can use if ever the battery of the fingerprint scanner or the digital PIN pad runs out of juice.

The Barska HQ900 Standard Biometric Keypad Rifle Safe weighs 85 lbs. It is better if you will still mount it permanently where you can access it easily. It is best if you can bolt in your home office, garage or closet if you have ample space.

Deciding which is the best biometric gun safe for you

Conventional gun safes are still widely used and there’s no harm if you still use one to secure your firearms. Biometric gun safes, on the other hand, provide you with a quicker and easier access to your firearms.

Nowadays, it is crucial that we implement and embrace the advanced developing technologies so we can assure the safety of our loved ones. Having the best biometric gun safe in our home will not only provide restricted access to unauthorized people but gives us the chance to save someone in a matter of seconds. Choose wisely and put everyone’s safety always.


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