Bedroom Biometric Gun Safe Perfect for You

Every parent wants to keep his family safe. Nowadays, you should have the adequate protection needed to fulfill this role.  A bat would no longer suffice. You need to have at least some basic training in a firing range before owning a firearm. You should be of sound mind and you should know your reasons on why you want to own a firearm. Afterward, your gun shouldn’t just be lying around in your house which may cause harm to your other family members. Look for the perfect bedroom biometric gun safe and keep it close and safe with you.

Why Choose A Biometric Gun Safe For Your Bedroom Over Other Gun Safes?

Having a biometric gun safe next to you in the bedroom­ changes the game. With digital gun safes, key lock, or wheel and pin gun safes, you need at least both of your hands to access your firearm. There is also a huge possibility that you will need at least 5 to 10 seconds to complete codes or using the key to open these safes.

bedroom biometric gun safe

With a biometric gun safe, you have 1 to 2 seconds of putting your fingerprint in the scanner depending on the gun safe. You should then have a quick access to your firearm. Other biometric gun safes have no sound features making it safe for you to access your firearm if ever a burglar gains access to your home. If you have valuables such as cash or some jewelry you can put it in your gun safe to keep you sound at night.

What is The Perfect Bedroom Biometric Gun Safe For You?

There are different features you should look for when you purchase a biometric gun safe for your night stand.

Silent Mode Feature

When an unwanted visitor goes in your home, you don’t want to alert him that you are already preparing to protect yourself. Having the silent mode feature in your gun safe means quick access to your firearm without producing any digital sound. However, consider the warning sounds it may emit when left open for a long period of time.

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Barska Biometric Security Safe With Fingerprint Lock

The Barska Biometric Security Safe With Fingerprint Lock offers all the basic features of a biometric gun safe but also allows the user to disable any sound it may emit. It allows a quick 2.5 second access for the fingerprint identification to register which is faster than putting in a code or using a wheel and pin gun safe. This gun safe allows you to register 30 gun safes.

The Barska Biometric Security Safe With Fingerprint Lock is perfect if you want quick access to your valuable in case of an emergency. Keep your family safe and get it here.

Interior LED Light Feature

Burglaries happen often in the middle of the night. However, most of us prefer to sleep in the dark. One of the key features you should consider when you want a bedroom biometric gun safe is its interior light feature. This will help you navigate your firearm at night. LED light is often the best option since it saves more battery in the long run.

SentrySafe Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe QAP1BE

The SentrySafe Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe QAP1BE allows you to have quick access to your firearm. It won’t leave you fumbling in the dark. Its backlit keypad gives you the adequate amount of lighting when you want to gain access in the dark.

It allows you a single-hand access to the safe. This gives your other hand a chance to do other important tasks in case of an emergency. It is equipped with the compression gas strut technology. This gives you access to your firearm quietly just like the Barska Biometric Gun Safe.

bedroom biometric gun safe

Get the SentrySafe Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe QAP1BE here.

 GPS Feature

Most bedroom biometric gun safe are very portable and can be easily carried. It is best if you bolt them in one place. However, these safes are meant to be portable which means they can be transferred from one bedroom to another. Sometimes, these gun safes as used while on road for added safety.

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To make sure that your gun safe can still be tracked in case it gets stolen, it’s best if it has a GPS feature. With the help of authorities, you will be able to track your safe wherever it may be in the world.

The Premier GunBox Biometric Gun Safe

The Premier GunBox Biometric Gun Safe allows you a 360 degree biometric fingerprint scanner while other gun safes require you to place your fingerprints at a specific angle. This means you gain entry in your gun safe with just a touch of your finger.

The GPS feature of The Premier Gunbox allows you to track it wherever it may be in case it falls into the wrong hands. If you are a fan of Apple products, this is the perfect gun safe for you because of its sleek design.  It also has USB outlets which makes itself a secondary power bank while you’re on the road.

Get the Premier GunBox Biometric Gun Safe here.

Out of Sight

Giving away the location of where your firearm is hidden is not very practical when you come across and emergency. They often predict that it’s in your bedside drawer or in the safe in your walk-in closet. The best way to keep them off track and have the leverage all to yourself is to keep your firearm where they don’t expect it to be.

GunVault SVB500

The GunVault SVB500 is a biometric gunsafe that you can strategically mount where you deem it most practical. This gun safe can be mounted in any direction. It can be behind your headboard or even under your bed as long as you have a swift and quick access it.

The GunVault SVB500 only requires a 9V alkaline battery.

Choose according to your needs. Have you decided which the best bedroom biometric gun safe for you is? Consider all these features and prioritize what you need most. Choose the best and remember safety first!

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